What were the inspirations for each line, is there a story behind them?

The inspirations of our collections come from all different angles: we travel a lot, we read a lot, we web-surf a lot, so we are constantly bombarded by thousands of images from fields that are not necessary fashion.  We are also constantly solicited by our fans sharing their needs and fantasies and finally, we have an incredible creative team.  All this put together reflects in our collections.  As crazy as it may sound, a regular item from the day to day life could be the starting point of a new seem, a new fit or an extraordinary underwear innovative design.

Gregg Homme is known for its incredible use of super soft and stretchy materials, can you tell us about what you used in this collection

Our recent Liquid Touch Hyperstretch Microfiber that we timidly introduced in the KINK of the past season is making a definite statement in this new collection: there no words in the dictionary to explain the tactile sensation of that fabric.  The sponginess and silkiness and that fabric is simply beyond words and to this day, everyone who ever touched that fabric looked back at us totally mesmerized, trying to describe that incredible sensation.  If you get that feeling on your hand, you can just imagine what it feels like when you actually wear it.

Gregg Homme, for the last few years, has done amazing videos; tell us about this year’s video.

There are no doubts about that; our videos are tattooed with fantasies and sensuality.  Our fans not only appreciate them but keep asking for more.  This new campaign is exploring the angle of the Urban Spy Voyeurism: who can pretend not being drawn to check the cute neighbor walking around his apartment in his underwear?

Where did you get the idea for the plot?

We are well surrounded by a very gifted creative team: there is a perfect synergy between the internal staff and the outside agencies putting all the results together.


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