I have a hard time finding a good swimsuit because I have a very large set of buttocks. It’s true. It’s part of the reason why I primarily wear thongs as underwear. A few summers ago I finally decided to switch from board shorts to swim briefs and bikinis. I have had a hard time finding a pair that would stay in place. Usually after a few minutes the swimsuit would start riding up. The last thing you want to do is pick a wedgie when you are trying to look cute on the beach. I even bought into the hype of a new brand last summer. On a trip to Miami last year I spent most of the time adjusting a swimsuit I spent way too much money on.

So imagine my skeptical attitude when I got to review a swimsuit from Vuthy. The pair was featured in UNB’s Guide to Swimwear this year. I loved the print. A fun houndstooth in black and white made of 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex. The fabric is super stretchy and light on the skin. The instant I tried them on I was pleasantly surprised by comfort level. This is really a great design. The back of the swimsuit was fully covering me. I decided to start testing it out and walked around a bit. The suit stayed in place and I loved it. The waist fit great as did the piping around the legs.

I have worn them a few times. There is a jacuzzi as my gym I have relaxed in wearing them. It’s great when a swimsuit is so comfortable that you feel naked when trying to relax. I have also wore this swimsuit to the beach a few times. I have gotten more compliments on this bathing suit then I ever remember getting at the beach. And the best part, I never had to adjust a wedgy. I did wish that there a bit more of a contoured shape to the front pouch. I found it to be a little bit flattening but not to the point I was uncomfortable.

I will definitely be adding more Vuthy swimwear to my collection next summer.

Pros –

  • Great fit in the rear.
  • Great fabric and bold print

Con’s –

  • A hand wash only swimsuit. I still threw it in the washing machine. 😉
  • Smooshing the bulge.


  • Fit 4.5
  • Materials 5
  • Construction 5
  • Look 5
  • Daily Wear 5
  • Overall 4.9

This pair was furnished by Vuthy.


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