Ladies and Gentlemen, today I have a very nice pair of underwear to discuss with you. It is the 7” Short Boxer Numeral 2. I received them in Blue, and was intrigued by the design elements before trying it on. This sexy pair of undies is made out of a 84% Nylon, 16% Spandex blend. The main part of the boxer is blue, with an orange UNICO logo waistband. Not part of the “construction” elements of the boxer are these two sleek black piping lines that run around the hips from front to back, only stopping at the pouch.

The initial putting on of the underwear was verging on heavenly. The material is so rich and breath through the fabric feels great. The seams where the piping hit across the butt almost make it feel like there are sexy cutouts back there. Legs fit very nicely on this pair, hugging without squishing, and the un-elasticized hems put a very nice leg line at the bottom.

Now, today, I had to go in to the circus studio and train,. Which usually starts with stretching, including the greatest underwear tester of all time…SPLITS! Splits are the event where good underwear construction and GREAT underwear construction separate. While I was in the split, it felt like I was wearing nothing, which is not a common feeling with boxer-style underwear in high mobility activities. The big wonder was whether I’d have to readjust everything once I stood back up, and I can tell you, this pair needed NO adjustments. I even did them without pants on at home, just to see what it looked like after the splits, and they looked sexy, sure the legs rode up a little bit, but they didn’t CURL up, which is important, and they only made the “centerpiece” look better.

In terms of maintenance, the underwear label specifies hang dry, but I found that after putting it through the dryer with everything else I own (I use medium heat, cause my life involves a lot of spandex, with the circus and all), it looks perfectly fresh and fine.

The biggest thing to know is that I’m a 34” waist, usually getting a Large or Medium in most brands, I was given an XL in Mundo Unico sizing, and it fit great. So definitely check their sizing before you buy.


  • Wonderful construction
  • Really breathable fabric
  • Sexy design


  • Only available in Red, Yellow, and Blue.
  • Tag in back can be itchy depending on skin sensitivity.


Fit – 4.75

Materials – 5

Construction – 5

Look – 4

Daily Wear – 5

Overall *OUT of 5* – 4.75


This pair was furnished by the Mundo Unico Store


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