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We all believe that underwear should be fun. If you read this blog have discovered the joys of underwear and will never go back to buying it at Wal-Mart in packages of six. The underwear you wear now is a brand name, one pair costs more then those six packs and you believe in quality over quantity. With that said, have you noticed a trend in the world of men’s underwear of more “fetish” underwear?

I’m not talking thongs or jock briefs. I’m talking underwear that is made to look like rubber, wilder cuts and barely there undies. It’s a trend we are seeing more and more. This is not limited to just the gay guys even straight guys are venturing into the fetish world. I think this is because guys want to feel sexy and don’t want the women to have all the fun in underwear. Guys want to show the wilder side of their personality. We have heard from guys in the past telling us what they wear under suits. Underwear is the one area you don’t have to be conservative; you can be as wild as you want.

We are going to start a series of profiles on companies in the fetish wear that we think you should check out.  However, in this one we are going to profile a few pairs we think you should check out.


K’mando pouch – We had a review on this a few years ago and it’s been one of our more popular post of all time. As you can see by the picture it’s just a pouch that covers your goods. Would you even classify this as underwear?  Since it covers the goods we do! The pouch comes in a few colors and is supposed to fit any size guy. It’s not widely available but check the K’mando site for retail locations.


Modus Videndi Latex Bottmless Boxer – Modus Vivendi is one of those companies where what do you pick for a fetish post? They do have fun designing underwear and have a lot of fetish inspired pairs. However, this boxer is part of the new Fisherman line that is all latex inspirited line. The boxer has the back cut out, jock boxers are a whole new trend, and made in the Modus Vivendi silhouette with a drawstring waist. Modus Vivendi has so many fetish inspired styles that you should go check out the site for all of them.


Gregg Homme Haze Single Brief – Gregg Homme, like Modus Vivendi, is one of those that does a lot of fetish inspired pairs. I have always said that Gregg Homme does fetish/sexy undies  where you get the best of both worlds, a sexy pair of undies and an amazing fit. Every pair of Gregg Homme I have owned has fit amazingly. The new line is out tomorrow there are some fun things coming but the Haze Single Brief is one that has the look of Latex/leather but easier to care for, because if you get a pair made out of either you know it’s not easy to wash. This pair has a buckle and key hole above the pouch.  It’ sexy and fun, but check out the entire Haze line, they even had a matching tank.


Slick It Up Cobra – If you aren’t familiar with Slick It Up, they are a fetish gear company. They make underwear, swim, spandex gear. The pair that has been getting attention lately is the Cobra. As you see in the picture it’s a pouch and a strap on the right side, not much more to it. This pair leaves little to the imagination. The Cobra is made out of black latex snake skin spandex print. Oh and we know what you are asking and here is what their site say “”Perfectly well!”- Thats the answer to the question you just asked of “But how does it stay on?!” It actually stays there perfectly fine hugging your junk comfortably,”

These are only a few pairs we have seen. Do you have a favorite fetish pair or company? Let us know we are going to profile some of these companies in this latest trend in men’s underwear!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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