There is a new brand called DILF Pickle on the market. We got a chance to talk to them about this new brand. Here is our interview:

You’re a new brand we ran across on twitter, so tell us why you picked the name with Dilf?

Well, we went with DILF because we wanted to have something that stood out as well as allowed the guys to say something about themselves. I think wearing a waistband that acknowledges that you are a guy others would like to f*ck is a pretty bold move and we approve.IMG_2107

What is your philosophy of making underwear?

We think that they should be comfortable, stylish, and allow you to state something about yourself or your interests. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of designer names and other brands, but who wants to be a walking billboard all of the time? And what does it say about you other than, “hey, I like Brand X.” We wanted to give men something that made them feel confident and maybe even a little cocky while covering a basic need that almost all men have: underwear. We wanted to make something for the every day man. One of the things at the forefront of our mind when creating our style is that not everyone is a 28 in. waist poster model/Gym Bunny. Hey, they look good in them too but so does the dude next door.

 What styles do you currently offer?

Dilf by Dilf Pickle is our premiere style. It’s a comfortably cut boxer brief with a generous front pouch that says “DILF” along the waist. It’s currently available in Black, White and Grey.

 Any plans for the future you can share?

Ahh! Secrets of the trade. Well, as I mentioned we want to give men something so they can make a statement about themselves. We will be carrying that theme throughout our designs in the future. As we grow we want to make sure that everyone is covered and what that means is incorporating new patters, colors, and cuts. We won’t forget the jockstrap lovers either.


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