The United States of Australia have finally taken over the United States of America; in the form of low-rise, comfortable men’s underwear. About two years ago, Aussie underwear company Croota ( entered American shores and quickly gained ground in the highly saturated men’s underwear market. Expanding its headquarters to Irvine, CA has since helped the company experience exponential growth, brand sovereignty and visibility thanks also to its “Save the AS5” campaign, wherein the company has appealed to men who were once set on their old, boring underwear.

The new “Waisted” range offers guys a lighter, comfortable fitting boxer that hugs the body but gives enough room for it to breathe. “Waisted” is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, which combination allows for a sexy pair of low-rise boxers to comfortably fit under any pant. The range is offered in two versatile colors, blue indigo featuring a hot pink and silver waistband, and gray which features a maroon and silver waistband. A two-button front allows more give in the pouch and thigh. To add more flavor to this boxer, Croota added an 8×3 patch on the front left side, and additional vertical logo on the right and a silver Croota slogan on the rear directly below the brand label. The ranges retails for $21.90 USD.

“The American market has been highly receptive to our brand and our bold choices in color, fit and styles,” said Sang Croota, founder and creative director of the brand. “We’re excited to be offering our underwear to men across this country, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to ‘Save the AS5’ from boring underwear.”

WE02_SSWaisted - Gray - Front

The name of Croota’s “Waisted” line came about as many manufacturers refused to assist with such a detailed waistband. The combination of satin and colored fabric to provide the intricate design is unprecedented in the underwear industry.

By introducing new ranges every two to three months, Croota offers a varied selection of boxers, trunks and briefs to men of all walks of life. It’s a fun, affordable brand that invites color, cut and fit for the fashion-conscious to the fashion-weary. Prices range from $18 – $22 USD, with special promotions on best sellers of the month. Croota is fully stocked in the U.S., and all American orders are dispatched from California. Free nationwide (1-5 business day) delivery is offered to U.S. customers.

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