This week, I had the pleasure of reviewing Pikante’s new 9227 Sporty Jockstrap. It’s one of those jockstraps that looks like a brief from the front and most of the side, but then sneaky, you turn around, and there’s a big ol’ opening framing your booty. I am not too familiar with Pikante, I think I probably only have one or two of their pairs, and they are both trunks or boxer briefs. As you might know if you follow my reviews, I am somewhat weary of mesh material in underwear, due to a bad experience with a certain pair along time ago (in summary, I had to return and get the next size up, not once, but twice, before I realized the mesh on that pair just DIDN’T stretch, and wasn’t meant for people with butts), but recently, I have come in contact with happier mesh underwear, and this was no exception. Right when I opened the package and saw the mesh, I pulled at the fabric in both directions to check. So, I opened the package to see what mostly looked like a brief, except for that big opening in the back. The waistband and edges of all of the openings are a black material, with the waistband featuring Pikante’s woven in logo. The entirety of the garment is made up of the white spandex mesh. The briefy jock is also available in sunny yellow with a bright teal trim, black with purple trim, and yellow with black trim (but note that on the yellow pair, the waist band is also yellow, not black).

I got to wear my pair on my New York city weekendcation. I wore it while walking around NYC seeing the sites, buying sewing supplies, and visiting the MET. I did also had a date that night, with a nice guy I’ve seen a few times, (not to get too graphic, but he thought the pair looked really nice as well). I didn’t work out in the pair, so I can’t completely attest to it’s workout-ability, but from wearing it, I can say it stayed in place and (obviously, due to the mesh) breathed very well. I’d imagine this would be a VERY nice workout pair.

The size I got sent was a Large, which fit me wonderfully. Looking at the size chart, the Large is a 32-34 and XL is a 34-36. Depending on the brand, I base my size off of a 35/36, so I would have bought the XL, ESPECIALLY since this was a mesh pair, thinking the mesh wouldn’t stretch nicely. I find the Large to fit very well, and I would say, if you might be near straddling two sizes, order the size smaller, because the mesh is very accommodating.

I wanna start by saying the pair is very comfortable and I like it very much. The small things that I have problems with aren’t big enough that it truly hurts my opinion of this pair. Think of them as things to keep in mind, before you go ahead and order this pair (heehee). Mostly, my issues revolve around the butt straps. They are really wide, and there is elastic trim hemming the edges (both around the thighs, and around the butt-framing edge). This creates a strap with a much sturdier edge than middle, whereas a standard elastic strapped jock would be equal tension across the entire strap. I found that this, mixed with my nice muscular but sizable, demanded some “dressing” when I first put the pair on. However, once the pair was properly on, I found no real need to adjust the straps any more. The next negative might only be towards a specific audience; if you like some support from under your junk in your undies, read on. I like the anatomical pouches and the lift and protrude-type undies, as well as my normal tighter briefs and things, because I like keeping my goodies in their pouch. If a pair of undies doesn’t have enough tension from behind pulling the bottom of the pouch into your perennial region, it allows enough slack that some of your “treasures” might fall out of the “chest”. I found that to adjust for that slack, i’d just discretely grab the straps from the back and pull them up a bit. It wasn’t horrible, but it did happen a couple times.

Having said those two things, I really did like this pair of undies. They were extremely comfortable, with a sexy look to them. As I said previously, this pair has definitely helped me start to overcome my avoidance of the mesh type underwear. I wanna get the black with purple pair for myself as well. Cause I can’t say I am a white underwear guy at heart, but I do know I’ll be wearing this pair a lot in the future (especially to the gym, I wanna try that out).


  • Very comfortable stretchy mesh.
  • Very breathable to wear in warm weather.
  • Sexy look (approved by myself as well as an outside eye).
  • Cute, non standard color combinations.


  • very small amount of fuss to get on and dress the back straps properly.
  • Not perfectly fitted to keep the goodies in the pouch.


  • Daily Fit: 7
  • Sizing: 8
  • Construction/Materials: 7
  • Styling: 8
  • Daily Performance: 7
  • OVERALL:  7.4

Pikante furnished this pair for review

9227 (8)9227 (2) 9227 (7) 9227 (1)


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