I am reviewing the Lollipop Blue Boxer Brief by Inter View. When I first saw these, I was instantly attracted to them.  The bright royal blue color and the bright white accents were very eye catching. The waistband was also very cool. This is the first time I had ever tried any undies from Inter View and I LOVED them. This style is available in Black, Brown, Purple, and yellow. I am glad I got the blue, they are my favorite!

As soon as I took them out of the package I could tell that these would be great for everyday wear.  The fabric was light weight and you could tell the pouch was going to be roomy. I wore these to work the day after I had gotten them. I sit at a desk most of the day, but these preformed amazingly. I often have problems with undies bunching in the crotch area and ridding up. These stayed in place and I didn’t get the cramped feeling that some undies can give. These held up great for everyday wear. I haven’t worn these to the gym yet, but would like to see how they perform. The material is so light weight that I think the breathability would be outstanding, however I am not sure if they would hold during rigorous run or cross fit type workout.

I got these undies in a size medium, and they fit great. They are a little smaller than a normal medium as the size chart on their website states a medium fits a 30-32 inch waist. This worked great for me as I am a 31 inch waist and often find some mediums to be to big but smalls can run a little too tight. I would recommend checking out the size chart before you order. If you are on the edge between going up or down a size, I would recommend going down. I personally like my undies to fit a little tighter, but these do stretch and provide ample room.

These undies offer a 1 ¼ inch logo waistband in light blue and white. The material is an amazing combination of 55% Cotton, 37% Modal Rayon, and 8% spandex. They are machine washable and are designed right here in the USA!

It is hard for me to find anything that I don’t really like about this pair of undies. They provide great support, they look great, the material is fantastic and they make my butt look amazing!! If I had to find one thing that I would change… the white accents are amazing and look great out of the package, however, I noticed after washing them for the first time that some of the blue from the fabric bleed onto the white. It didn’t ruin the undies at all, but was kind of bummed that they didn’t seem to have that bright white look any more.  This could have just been me and my poor attempt at laundering them too, so I can’t discount it too much. I have also had an issue with the fabric pilling on some of the other undies that use Modal Rayon. We will have to see how that goes after a couple washes.

Overall, these are amazing and would recommend them to any of our readers. These are great for a HUGE undies fan like myself, but also for someone just getting into undies. Inter View is a newer brand and with these amazing undies, I can see them going places. I encourage everyone to check out the rest of what Inter View has to offer on their website: This style is priced at $18.99 + shipping on their website, and this is a great deal for these awesome undies!


  • Daily Fit: 10
  • Sizing: 9
  • Construction/Material: 10
  • Styling: 8
  • Daily Performance: 9
  • Overall: 9.2

Inter View provided these undies for review.


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