CC #2_0415-800I”m still bummed I didn’t get to meet with C-IN2 in Vegas. I really enjoy seeing whats coming from them over the next year. But we received these pics form them. They were shot by Rick Day and feature the Culture Club collection. I told you guys that prints would be making a big splash on the men’s underwear market. These are bright and fun and have a great waistband.

I personally love this line. It’s not my typical every day wear, but I think we all need to step outside our box and have some fun. Here is what C-IN2 told us:

C-IN2 is now Pop Culture Art inspired with a new printed underwear collection called Culture Club. Why’s this different?  Each art print is placed on a specific location on the underwear.  We call this engineered printing which is different from printing fabric and letting the pattern fall wherever it may.  This means we have to print each underwear pattern piece by piece.  The fabric is made of 90% (super-soft) Tencel with 10% Spandex.  The waistband is microfiber with high gloss printed logos.  C-IN2 is so excited about this collection, we’re calling it a 2014 Event.

View our debut collection now @

CC #2_0025-crpd


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