candyman-99040The one thing I LOVE about Candyman is they are always pushing the envelope to make undies fun! They have done this with the new Color Brief with the cut away sides. Granted sometimes the undies are way over the top, this is the same company that brings us some of the fun and sometimes wild costume undies. Past ones have been Cowboy, Lumberjack, Super Hero and Vampire!

The Color brief is a bikini with two cut out sin the side. I’ll give it to them to do a cut out that is pretty fun. Sometimes I have seen cutouts that really were in odd places. This one creates a great silhouette that shows off accents a guys body. Meaning the cutout isn’t too big and is right place.

One thing I”m sorta on the fence with is the purple color. I love it when companies use non-traditional colors in undies. I love the black and florescent green! But, the purple is something I will have to see in person. Because one thing I have learned is you have to see undies in person rather than pictures. So until then reserve judgement but hats off for using a new color! I think more companies need to step outside the color box and try new colors. Gone are the days where we have “masculine” colors, I think the color palette is open, I mean if we can rock pink undies (and I have and love them), then anything or any color is possible !

Check out the front and back pictures and find this at a retailer near you. The line just launched yesterday so you may have to wait a few weeks for it to show up in stores!

99040_black_1 99040_black_2 99040_black 99040_hot-green_1 99040_hot-green_2 99040_hot-green 99040_purple_1 99040_purple_2 99040_purple


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