papi_08You either love or hate animal prints. I have sort of a love hate relationship myself. Some of the prints are amazing while others are a miss. If you fall into the second part of that we may have an animal print you may love. Papi just released the new Wild Thing collection. It’s available in a jock and trunk. The jock is what we are going to be covering.

The Wild Thing collection is a solid fabric with a cheetah print in the same color. So the print is very slight and not over the top. It adds a bit of style to what would be a solid color. I think they did a great job coming up with this collection.  This is because it will allow more guys to step outside their solid underwear box and try something a little more wild!

The jock is a traditional jock. The waistband is a grey 1 1/4 inch branded with the Papi logo in the center. Legs straps really can make or break a jock, this pair has a 3/4 inch leg straps that match their other jocks in their line up. Lastly is the material, it is made out of a 63% Nylon / 32% Polyester / 5% Spandex fabric.

Colors are key to this pair and they have just released four bright fun colors. Those colors are Black, Intensity (Red), Purple and Storm Blue. My favorite is the Black. When you think of a black pair you’re expecting solid dark black. This is more of a grey with the cheetah print.

Papi really created something out of the ordinary with this pair. Hats off to the creativity for this one. It goes along with our philosophic that underwear should be fun and add to your wardrobe. This one would do that and would be great under jeans or even under a suit.

As we stated it’s available in a Brazilian Trunk as well. The jock retails for $28.00 on the Papi site.

Papi Wild Think Jock Intensity (red) Papi Wild Think Jock Storm Blue Papi Wild Think Jock Purple Papi Wild Think Jock Black


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