C21713452-F400Hey guys, Paul here! As you know from reading Jon’s review, a little more than a month ago we decided to pick pairs of underwear for one another to buy, as we both were in the market for some new underwear. The only input we had was on the price, and the style we were looking for. All I told Jon was that I wanted some new briefs-while I’m religiously a trunk/boxer brief wearer, I have recently began building my collection of briefs. I knew that Jon had some good recommendations, but I was going out on a limb as far as what he liked. Let me tell you, the straight boy has taste.

Jon picked the C-IN2 Pop Lo No Show Profile Brief for me, which he said was one of his favorite pairs. Luckily for me, mensunderwearstore.com had it for an extremely reasonable price of $20 dollars, with plenty of sizes and colors to choose from. My instructions were to buy a purple pair, and as easy as that, I was the proud owner of my first C-IN2 pair of underwear. Not to mention, mensunderwearstore.com has ridiculously fast and efficient shipping and was overall a great buying experience. When I got the package I was, as always, excited to try them on. The purple color was bright but not in an obnoxious neon way; it felt professional yet still attractive. Again, mensunderwearstore.com had a multitude of colors and sizes for sale and if you’re looking for a little bit more color, they offer a brighter orange pair, which I would recommend.

When I’m not drooling over rows and rows of underwear products online, I work full time in education, running up and down at schools working in a rather upbeat (read: hectic) environment. For me, the idea of wearing briefs to work is a novel idea: usually it leads to chaffed thighs or me awkwardly rearranging my junk every 5 minutes. However, Jon expressed to me that he often wore this pair in his workout routine, and that it held up throughout his vigorous physical activity. On his word, I wore them to work, still suspicious. This for me was the hallmark of this pair; not only did they keep me comfortable all day at work, they felt better than most pairs I had worn to work before. Of course, briefs leave one with a little bit more movement in the legs, and keep things a little cooler than boxer briefs or trunks do. This pair demonstrated both; the fabric kept me cool even while I was running around campus and gave me plenty of free-range movement. More than that, the support in terms of the pouch was also exemplary: keeping things right where they should be without being too constricting. For most of the day, I forgot that I was wearing them, which to me, is a great thing. No irritation, no restriction. Just a pair of underwear that moved with me.

As far as aesthetics and sizing are concerned, again the purple color Jon chose for me looked really great: it felt appropriate for work but would also be great for going out and showing off. In terms of size, I am 34 inches which means I’m usually in between the medium and large sizes for most underwear companies. I wish I would have listened to Jon, who recommended erring on the smaller size thanks to the cut of the brief. Instead I got a large. What I noticed is that the pair doesn’t quite cling to me in the way I would like; there is definitely some bunching that happens in the rear from being a little too big, and surprisingly enough, I don’t quite fill out the thighs the way I would like to (considering I have massive thighs). So if you like a little bit of wiggle room, aim for a true size. If you’re looking for a pair that hugs a little closer, aim for a size down. When and if I buy another pair, they will be in a medium.

The size issue here (which was no ones fault but my own) is really the only negative thing I have to say about this pair. I’m extremely grateful to Jon for picking a pair that was not only worth my money, but functions great as well. I’d highly recommend this pair to anyone looking for a steady pair of affordable, good-looking briefs. Overall, this has been a totally fun experience for Jon and I, and I hope that we get to do it again soon. If you like what we’ve done here, please let us know! We’d love to hear your ideas as we move forward. Happy undies, guys!


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