LFHR_SWMaB14004_RedWhen you get a new pair of swimwear you want it to be fun and colorful. You want swimwear that looks great on you, is super comfy and my personal favorite is colorful as well! aussieBum has been one of the brands that has been making some really fun and different swimwear this year.

The newest swimwear is the Calypso. This line features a thick waistband with a  small lace up front. Each one of the pairs has three different color blocks. The colors of the collection are Azure, Green, Navy and Red. The picture above is the Red. Also, on the back is the aussieBum name across the Bum

This pair will get you some attention on the beach. One of my favorite swim briefs was a color block. So, this pair brings back some good memories of the beach and a summer just relaxing. Would I wear this pair, in a heartbeat! I really love the design and color block. This pair retails for $42.80 on the aussieBum site.


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