revIt was 8 years ago that Cocksox sprung onto the men’s underwear scene. At that time I was just a blog reader and came across these amazing pics of a guy in red bikinis. It was much later I realized that this brief is the CX01. The pictures were amazing and the pouch is what intrigued me the most. Not being a blogger at the time, I would have to long for this amazing undies.

In 2007 I was a college student. So, getting undies shipped from Australia was not something that was in my budget. At the time I was shopping the underwear sections at Marshall’s & TJMaxx. Spending full price on undies was not in the budget. Later in 2007 I joined another underwear blog. I was a writer and one of the guys had an extra CX01 White and sent it to me. I got it and immediately put it on and I couldn’t believe the fit. I was upset it wasn’t the red that was in the picture, but it fit amazing regardless of the color.

The pouch is the most important thing in underwear to me. The pouch in the Cocksox is a one piece design. There are not straps or such to keep you in place. Like the name says it’s a sox for your, you know…The Cocksox famous pouch feels like was made just for me. It fit me like a glove!  I fell in love right then with Cocksox. It holds everything in place, which I like in my underwear. The pouch also has the ability to sort of enhance what you have. It pushes up and out. So be careful what you wear because someone may get an eyeful depending on what you wear!

Another thing about Cocksox is they have lasted a long time.  The very first pair I have from 2007 I still have and wear! Its not often you have a pair that last that long. The only problem I had with Cocksox over the last few years was with the Backstage line. Backstage is a line made out of modal. Modal fabric is super thin and can tear easily, but it feels so soft and breathable. Its still an amazing line. I have never worn anything I didn’t like from Cocksox

We flash forward to 2009. UNB is about six months old and I start working with brands. One of the first I ever dealt with was Cocksox. Before going any farther I have to say there are few brands that I don’t like working with, and those that are…well I won’t say here! But I got to know the gang at Cocksox. First through email. I did a lot with them back in the day and would cover them I think every week.

Then in 2010 I met them in Vegas for the first time. It was so much fun putting the face with the name. I have since met with them a few times in Vegas and have done countless reviews. I used to hog all the reviews for myself but since shared with others on the site. This is evident by the underwear reviews we just recently posted for them and the new CSX line. They are some of the most amazing people in undies. They introduced me to a candy from Australia called Minties and i’m so upset they aren’t here in the US.

One of the more humorous things that ever happened was back in 2010 I did a review for the CX01 in Magenta/Pink. I was going to wear it to an interview. I looked down and I swear it looked like I was smuggling softballs in my pants. I went “There is no way I can wear this to an interview.” So I promptly changed.

I want to note, I Googled to try and find the original picture. But no luck then I realized my personal blog I started in 2004, eventually became UNB. So I searched UNB and on page 28 I found the original pics! So they are posted here! They aren’t big but still amazing and bring back memories.

I love it when companies really succeed. To stand the test of time and be in the underwear market for 8 years is an accomplishment. I say, CONGRATS COCKSOX, we hope to have you around for 8 more years, at least…


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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