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We always hear some of you guys say you want to see real guys in underwear. You like the model shots but you want to see how the underwear fits real guys. Well, Garçon Model did that with it’s Kickstarter. They had one backer to be a model in a shoot. That person is Vernon.

Here is what Garçon Model said about the shoot:

“Vernon was flown in to Vancouver and was a great sport and a natural in front of the camera. His energy and positivity shined through in this beautiful photo shoot. Vernon became a friend and he’s now part of the GM family!”

They did a quick interview with Vernon and here is what he said:

1. What pushed you to make the Kickstarter pledge?

I am always open to new experiences.  Makes life interesting and exciting.  The only pledge level that struck a cord was the one involving the photo shoot.  Several years ago, I was into bodybuilding and, at the encouragement of friends, I had professional photos taken.  The photographer suggested that I consider print work.  I joined a couple of “casting” companies in the area, but nothing ever came of it given my busy work schedule.  This pledge gave me the opportunity to do something I have always wanted to do.

2. What sets Garçon Model apart from the others?

Love the way it looks on me.  It is extremely comfortable and offers great support throughout the day.  I am a pretty active guy.  Whether it be sweat or spray while on the boat, the fabric holds up really well when moist or wet.  Other brands tend to stick and pull.

3. So… how did the shoot go?

The photo shoot was fun but harder work than I expected.  I guess that could be due in part to my inexperience.  I felt really awkward and stiff in the beginning.  A drink or two probably would have helped.  The guys were great.  They were very patient and talked me through it all.  The joking around helped a lot.  As the shoot progressed, it got easier.  Would love to do it again, but definitely won’t quit my day job.


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