9567_5_You know what Wednesday is, Hump Day!  When I think of hump day, I think of a butt, which makes me think of underwear that shows off a butt.  So for this hump day, I bring you the Andrew Christian Almost Naked Jumper Jock.  This jock is very similar to all of the other jocks on the site at first glance.  Notably different on the front are 2 cut outs on both sides of the pouch that show a little front skin, teasing your viewer.  I love this.  Anything that can add skin or a tease is a plus in my book!

I slipped this pair on for hump day to tackle a long work day of all of my usual movements.  On a side note, it was interesting to wear this jockstrap after wearing the Andrew Christian Bubble Butt jock on Monday which had the additional straps across the butt.  I wondered where the extra boast was when I slipped this pair on!  Part of me missed them.  Reading the product description of this pair really talks about how free the front pouch makes you feel and how enjoyable it is that you do not have to worry about the traditional chafing, squashing and re-adjusting.  I have to say that Andrew Christian did this justice as I was comfortable all day long!  Many people do not think of wearing a jockstrap throughout the day.  It has become associated with sports or exercise.  I appreciate the feel of this jock.  It felt very freeing underneath my suit, both in the front and the back.  By the end of the day, I had been so comfortable I forgot about comparing the extra straps that morning.

My typical medium fit great.  Andrew Christian seems to be 100% accurate when it comes to sizing.  I never have any problems with his underwear and their fit and this one met all expectations.  It is important to know that a designer can make briefs, boxers, thongs, and jocks, various styles of each, that all fit true to who you are.  This jockstrap is a limited edition which means it won’t be around long and will not be repeated down the road.  I recommend adding this special one to your drawer.  Jump on this chance!

Tomorrow is Thong Thursday, see what is coming up….


  • Comfortable, freeing fit
  • Unique design


  • Too basic in color and limited edition!


  • Daily Fit = 9
  • Sizing = 10
  • Construction/Materials = 9
  • Styling = 8
  • Daily Performance = 9
  • Overall = 9

Find this pair on the Andrew Christian website. This post contains an affiliate sales link

Andrew Christian Almost Naked Jumper Jock 9567


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