CD1-14-2One of my personal favorite underwear brands is N2N Bodywear. They currently hold the title of one of my fave pairs of briefs that I own. I was vey excited to be presented with the chance to review their new jockstrap from the California Dreamin’ collection. With all of the new jockstraps on the market, it is nice to keep involved with the traditional style we are all used to. The jockstrap has a great small front pouch that is colorful with greens, yellows, red, and purples. I love seeing that a company can incorporate so much color into such a small space and make it look fantastic. The only fabric on this pair is a small section covering the front and they did it justice. Apart from the color scheme, the fabric is so comfortable. The minute I touched it I knew I would no problem with comfort in the front. The straps of the jockstrap are basic black, contrasting the pouch nicely.

As usual, I take chances with my underwear and wear them for a whole workday. I find it to be quite the challenge and a good test of true love with a pair. When I first slipped it on, I noticed that it hugged me quite tighter than most jocks I have worn recently. The waistband was a rougher material than several other pairs I am used to which I was worried may cause some discomfort. There was nothing major that I noticed throughout the day but the waistband did rub rough at various actions throughout the day. Such as pulling the front down to go to the bathroom. Again, this is small but noticeable. The straps that wrap around the butt did not have the same feeling to me as the waistband. They fit tight and added support which I could feel from the moment I slid them on. As N2N Bodywear says “this jock feels AMAZING under your jeans.” They did not lie! It felt AMAZING! I loved the feeling all day long. It is important to note that the slight discomfort with the waistband would not keep me from wearing this jock again.

I wear a medium and this pair fits true to size. I will say that it felt like it ran on the smaller of the medium side than the larger medium side. I could tell a difference when sliding them on and off but that would not make me buy a larger size. Although I felt it tighter in these cases, I did not think the front pouch was too small and I had enough room and comfort all day. I still believe the medium is accurate.

Thanks again N2N Bodywear for another great pair!


  • Soft, comfortable front pouch
  • Pop of color
  • Good, back jock support

Cons: –

  • Rough waistband
  • Tighter fit might concern people with sizing issues


  • Daily Fit = 9
  • Sizing = 8
  • Construction/Materials = 8
  • Styling = 9
  • Daily Performance = 9
  • Overall = 9

N2N Bodywear furnished this pair for review.


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