This is one line from aussieBum that I was looking forward to seeing. I heard they were releasing a Gladiator line. So it had me thinking of what it could be. Would it be literal or their take on Gladiator? Well aussieBum is always one brand to have fun design underwear, I think as much as we love wearing underwear.  They never slow down in designing, just when I think they will take a break, BAM here is a new range.

The Gladiator is:Introducing Gladiator… The newest in design innovation by aussieBum! Inspired by the Roman warriors and featuring our wide waistband and super-soft modal fabric this range is available in 4 styles including the cup, bikini cut, original hipster and the brand new toga. The black fabric fuses with a bespoke gold waistband to bring out your inner Gladiator. Get ready to fight!

As you can tell they have three styles they have had before but the new one is the Toga. Which is just what it sounds. There is nothing under neath. The main pic if the Toga, the side is open and the front has a pouch and that’s all there is to it!. Not sure you would wear it under a suit but could make a great date night or bar night pair. Its definitely different and lives up to the aussieBum fun factor. I will admit I want to try the toga. If I get one I”ll let you know how it goes.

Find these four pairs on the aussieBum site.


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