Unknown-8Before we get into the post, let me say what a great new website design BodyAware has released this past month. We know here how much a website redesign is, and we say hats off guys.

When you think of underwear for me, satin is not one of those fabrics you think of…sure you think of cotton, nylon, spandex or even modal. But satin… most wouldn’t ever utter the word. However, BodyAware has a whole section of satin undies! There has been a trend and large following to create underwear with a feminine touch. I”m not saying these are women’s underwear by any means. It’s underwear designed for men.

This is also one of those ares that has a divide in the men’s underwear market. And it’s not along the gay/straight line. Its about if you like it or not. I have had guys of all sexual orientations say they love it or they hate it. I am one that is in the middle there are some I love and others I am not fond of them. BodyAware has a great style that mixes the masculine and feminine so well. I think that’s the draw of undies such as these, the mix of two things that shouldn’t go together!

So if you’re this far in this post you are either a fan or interested in those undies. So lets talk Satin underwear for men. The styles BodyAware has range from boxer briefs to g-strings and less. This doesn’t include the shorts, pants and shirts. The pairs we are going to focus on are the Spring Remix Satin Boxer, Greek God Brief and the Rio Night Satin thong.


The first pair is for the guy who is interested in getting into satin underwear but not ready to take the plunge into the thong or g string. The Spring Remix Satin Boxer is a traditional boxer/trunk. Made with a full waistband and full boxer cut. It comes in 2 solid colors and three pattern colors. I will say I love the print so much. It’s just fun! Their site says “Turn up the drama in our ultra-luxe Satin Boxers for a sexy tailored look. Because a little extravagance should be part of every day life.” Those are available for $22.95


Let’s say you want something a little more form fitting. The Greek God Brief is just for you. I used to have a pair very similar to this made out of 100% nylon that I loved. It fit great and just felt amazing all day. I am a huge fan of the bikini cut and find it to be the most comfortable. This pair has a contour pouch with a front seam and is followed through around the back with a rear seam. Something we don’t see these days. It was big in the 80’s and 90’s. So for nostalgic reasons I’m glad to see this back. It is also available in 9 colors, which is amazing. From their site “What would the Greek Gods choose for David? Our heavenly smooth satin brief with seamless front and contoured back would be our guess. This stunning brief slides over your skin like alabaster, and our all-new Comfort Pouch allows plenty of room no matter what the weather.”. The Greek God Brief retails for $16.95


Last is for the guy who wants to go head on into the world of satin underwear, the Rio Night Satin Thong. He’s comfortable in who he is and what he loves. As a side note thongs have been growing in the men’s market. More guys are giving them a chance and finding out that they love them. Which is awesome. This thong is more like a g-string to me rather than a thong but that’s just semantics. This thong has super thin sides and string in the back. It is available in 5 colors. From their site “You’ll want to start dancing the salsa in our all new satin thong. Slightly stretch and very colorful and shimmery satin fabric in a simple yet sophisticated design. Comfortable satin covered side elastic and sexy thong back.” It is available for $16.

These are just a few of the satin undies that BodyAware is offering. If you have had an interest or love them already BodyAware is the company for you. All the underwear I have ever bought from them have been amazing. Its time to step outside your underwear box and try some new stuff and have an open mind. Add something satin to you underwear drawer along with the cotton undies! Find these pairs and more at the BodyAware site!



Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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