Ivo bief red frontEver since I started with UNB, I have put some underwear designers on my wish list to try. This week I was excited to learn that one of my dream pairs from Marcuse had arrived for me to review. The pair was the Ultra Brief in white which I had seen in various advertisement photos. On first look, this is a very sexy pair of briefs. You expect to see a basic white brief but instead are met with lines that ad sophistication and sexy curves to the pair. I was also able to instantly tell how soft the fabric was to the touch. I slid the pair on and the sexiness continued.

Anyone who is a fan of briefs knows that there are many different types ranging from basic and sport, to thicker sides and thinner sides, waist level and low rise. This pair was definitely low rise and smaller as they barely came up to the top of my butt. There are people who may find this uncomfortable or feel as though your underwear needs to be pulled up throughout the day. This was not the case here. I wore them through an entire work day, moving around quite a bit, and did not ever feel as though I needed to pull my underwear up. The back of the briefs fit just around the butt with no extra coverage to bother the wearer. At the top of the back there is a thin strap, similar to what I used to see in dress Ivo brief life style shotsshirts. I did not see a purpose for this strap nor do I find it very visually appealing. It did not bother the pair or its wear ability.

When it comes to smaller briefs, it can be difficult to gauge the sizing factor. I wear a medium and as I mentioned the pair came to the top of my butt. Since it is a smaller brief, it felt very tight on me all day long. I could feel the tightness under my suit. This did not bother me but it is a notable observation that I feel I should share with my fellow UNB readers. With the smaller briefs, there is usually less fabric and less room. I did find the front pouch to be tighter than I expected. I did not feel as though I had much room which led to slight discomfort throughout the day.

Overall, I am happy that I was able to add Marcuse to my underwear drawer. This is a very hot pair and I love the look of it on. The small concerns I had with the pair could be a result of the way it felt on me today and would not keep me from wearing them again. I nominate this pair for a second wear in a few weeks to see how it feels that day. I have complete confidence that they will be even better the second time around.


  • Sexy look
  • Soft fabric
  • Low rise fit


  • Smaller front pouch
  • Back design


  • Daily Fit = 8
  • Sizing = 8
  • Construction/Materials = 8.5
  • Styling = 8
  • Daily Performance = 8.5
  • Overall = 8

The pair was furnished for review by Good Boy Gone Bad.


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