We have always said real men wear pink underwear. I have loved it since as far as I can remember. The color just works in the men’s underwear world.

* Andrew Christian
* NuWear – http://www.nuwear.com?affId=95188
feels the same! They have released the limited edition CoolFlex Tagless Brief! Also, you will be noticed in this pair with the color and and trim

This pair is made out of my favorite material for men’s underwear. That fabric is Modal. Which is perfect for sports. Modal, as the AC site says, is 50% more absorbent than cotton.  Mix the fabric with the neon trim and you have a pair that just commands attention. The trim is a bright neon yellow. This past year they have been big into the neon!

One feature we have yet to mention is the most important. The pair is tagless! We have many guys out there who tags drive them crazy. You won’t have that problem with this pair. Meaning you will be comfortable all day with out a tag rubbing or irritating you!

This pair retails $24.93 at the

* Andrew Christian
* NuWear – http://www.nuwear.com?affId=95188

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