GBGB Charly BLACKAs I continue into my growing knowledge and experience with various underwear brands. I had the pleasure to take a second trip into the transition of basic to sexy with another pair of Good Boy Gone Bad. I was excited to receive another pair from this brand that I had only experienced one with and was immediately intrigued by the design. The Charly brief features a brief like shape with an open front concept complete with bands of fabric connecting the two sides in the front. This may look like a normal brief from the back but when you turn around and show off your front, that package will be popping out on display!

The cotton and lycra mix was a nice comfortable soft material that I instantly knew would feel great under my suit. I was nervous about wearing this pair throughout my work day due to the exposed front. That quickly passed and I became excited to have this on all day for my test run. When I slid them on I instantly noticed the soft fabric that felt great against my body. I positioned everything right so that my package looked good exposed in front with a few lines of fabric stretching across it. I wear a medium and the pair held up to size. The back and the waist fit perfectly to my body and did not leave me in any discomfort during the day. The pouch was a little tighter than some of the other pairs I have been wearing lately. It is not uncomfortable but there is not a great deal of room. Well endowed men may want to keep this in mind.

As usual, I wore them through my normal day of sitting, standing, walking and all of the normal activities for a typical work day. The one negative thing I will say about this brief in the course of my day is it is not always practical for going to the bathroom. I felt I took a little longer to put things back in place and zip up. You have to make sure you don’t poke out through one of the bottom strands! Occasionally through the day I would feel a sense of surprise or pause when I could feel my pants rub up against my skin through movements. I was nervous about this irritating my skin but luckily it was not that bad to do that. On a side note, due to the open pouch concept, I would recommend a good trim before wearing this pair of briefs!

Overall this was a very fun pair of briefs that I think is beautiful looking. It may not be the most practical pair to wear throughout the course of the work day. I would definitely put this towards the top of my list for a nice dinner date with my partner followed by a romantic evening in the bedroom. The pair radiates with sex appeal!


  • Soft material
  • Intriguing visual front
  • Great back and waist fit


  • Not easily practical
  • Less room in front pouch


  • Daily Fit = 8
  • Sizing = 9
  • Construction/Materials = 8
  • Styling = 9
  • Daily Performance = 8
  • Overall = 8.5

This pair was furnished for review by Good Boy Gone Bad. 


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