When you think of specific underwear brands, you tend to associate them with certain ideas or designs that they excel at.  Gregg Homme is one of those brands for me and I always associate them with a more daring, sexy, revealing design scheme.  I had the pleasure of wearing the Showoff Jockstrap and it did not disappoint in those areas.  This jockstrap was what I consider Gregg Homme to represent.  This brand brings out the sexy side in an individual and allows you to push the envelope and feel good about yourself.  The jockstrap is appropriately named Showoff because that is what I did in it.  This jockstrap is my first sheer jockstrap.  The front of the underwear has a nice sheer material that allows you to show everything off with a stripe design throughout the front pouch.  Another great benefit to this front pouch is how it is an anatomical center seamed pouch that allowed great room and movement for everything.  The front pouch offered plenty of room and was not uncomfortable at any part throughout my entire work day.

The cheeky backside of the jockstrap is just as fun as the front.  Like most jockstraps, this one offers straps around the butt to add support and outline more body you are showing off.  Some jockstraps have tight straps or rough feeling straps but these where soft and comfortable all day long.  Sometimes, I did not even remember I was wearing a jockstrap!


Between the front pouch, the waistband, and the back straps, this jockstrap met all expectations of a comfortable, sexy pair of underwear throughout a long work day.  I wear a medium and this pair fit me perfectly.  I never had a moment that was uncomfortable, chaffing, or anything bad.  The waistband features a rubber logo of the brand in the center.  The rubber logo seemed a bit out of place with the rest of the underwear but in the overall appeal of this underwear that is not a semi-con I am worried about or would keep me from anything about this underwear.

Gregg Homme has managed to mix sexy with comfortable and proven that sexy underwear doesn’t have to only be worm minutes before it is shown and removed.  The Showoff Jockstrap offers all around sexiness with its revealing sheer front and open jockstrap back.  This jockstrap comes in basic black and white as well as fun colors such as pink, lime, and purple, the one I wore today.  Allow yourself to be sexy whenever you want in Gregg Homme!


  • Sheer pouch
  • Soft, comfortable straps
  • Adequate front pouch


  • Rubber logo



  • Daily Fit = 9
  • Sizing = 9
  • Construction/Materials = 9
  • Styling = 9
  • Daily Performance = 8.5
  • Overall = 9


Gregg Homme furnished this pair for review.  You can find this pair for $40.95.



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