I will admit to having a thing for sneakers. It’s one of my passions just like underwear. It isn’t one I have had all my life but in the last 10 years. Just something about wearing really bright fun sneakers I love! So when Gregg Homme came out with the new Heatwave and they said it was inspired by the shoes the World Cup players wore. I was intrigued.

We have guys out who love sneakers, sox and more. It spans across all guys. I used to work with a guy who loved sneakers and wore I think a different pair to work just about every day. Always bright fun colors. I always wondered if he did the same with underwear but something tells me he didn’t. Now with all the great colors you can match underwear and sneakers. Some of you are going thats crazy but there are a few reading this going “HELL YEAH”

One of the newest lines Gregg Homme has released is the Heatwave. It’s, as I said above, inspired by the amazing shoes the World Cup players wore while playing soccer. It’s really cool to find where underwear designers get inspiration to make new pairs. So this really blew my mind when I found out. They use only two colors in this collection. A pink and a neon green/yellow. This means you can only get it in two color combinations, Pink with green trim or Green with pink trim. Either way you go its a really fun pair.

You maybe wondering what style they offer in the line. They do a biker, jock, brief and Boxer. The last there are cuts you now form Gregg Homme. The first is a boxer made out of sheer material. The pouch is solid but the rest of the body is a mesh with stripes made into the mesh. It’s not wide stripes but small stripes that run around the pair. Its really amazing what Gregg Homme does with fabric. They have to be one of if not the most innovative company pushing the boundaries on fabric. Each year I see the new lines and I just get blown away.

Its not the fact they are trying new materials but that the materials fit and feel so amazing. Underwear is all about comfort and I can’t recall a pair of Gregg Homme that didn’t give me comfort all day. Next, when you use



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