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For years, many people have associated thongs with women and as a more feminine underwear.  The thought of a man purchasing and wearing a thong seems to take away from his masculinity or questions his sexuality.  It may be somewhat acceptable for a muscular man competing in bodybuilding competitions to wear a thong as part of his performance.  But what about every other man?  Is it ok to add thongs to your underwear drawer?

Many brands today are embracing thongs and including them in their new collections that they release each season.  Brands such as Andrew Christian, Joe Snyder, Clever, and so forth continue to actively develop new thongs on a continuous basis.  Thongs are not prominent in every brand that designs underwear and are not always included in every collection that comes out.  Brands that see more success in the briefs and trunks such as 2(x)ist, Timoteo, and others only release thongs on occasion.  So again, are these popular enough sellers or do they not reach enough men for fear of defending one’s own masculinity?   For the most part, underwear is kept private.  We do not go around all day discussing what underwear we wear or showing it off to everyone we meet.  Few people throughout your day or lifetime will see your underwear.  Whether it is a spouse, someone at the gym, or a roommate, people can not take away from who you are or determine whether you are masculine or secure in your body and sexuality.



IMG_9051Thongs can be a very practical choice as well in comfort and style.  Tighter pants with a pair of boxer briefs underneath may feel like there is too much fabric or bunch up.  With a thong, the fabric is very minimal and keeps everything in the front in place and comfortable.  Imagine living somewhere warm and you may wear a cream or white colored linen pant.  Most types of underwear and colors would be able to be seen through the pants.  A practical choice would be a basic white thong.  Thongs can offer a great deal of movement for your legs that other underwear may feel restricted on.  But would a man risk wearing a thong to the gym for fear of changing in the locker room?  The gym is a place where you work on your body so why not wear what makes you comfortable or sexy.

At the end of the day, a man needs to be comfortable in his own skin and, in this case, his own underwear.  As we always say, underwear is meant to be worn as an expression of who you are, a way to make you feel good about yourself, and a way to keep everything comfortable throughout your day.  Thongs may not be for everyone but it is not something to stop others from enjoying.  Don’t be afraid to try something new if you have a desire to do so.  Buy a pair that suits your style and wear it around the house to give it a try.  You may like it and you may not.





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  1. I got my first thong a few years back on a whim and actually enjoyed it enough that ever since then, ive added a few more to the rotation. It’s not something I wear everyday, but maybe once or twice every couple of weeks or so. I was surprised how comfortable they can actually be and recommend that every guy should try one at least once in their life, even if its just for fun. You might be surprised how much you actually like them.

  2. Jake Pruitt Reply

    It may sound crazy, as it’s a brand that doesn’t get much attention on the underwear blogs, but I honestly credit Joe Boxer with the thong “revolution” in men’s underwear. Once they started shocking the shelves at K-Mart with multi-pack thongs for men, things changed rapidly.

  3. Johny N Ike Bishop Reply

    i been wearing thongs since i was 15. recently got together with a girl i have always had a crush on. she found one that i accidently forgot at her place one time, to my suprize, she like it and insists i wear just a thong at her house. she will be getting some eye candy at the beach this year.

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