Are you a fan of the retro styled swimwear? But you want to have it in an updated form? Wait no more the new aussieBum Scent Vintage is for you. They have the awesome printed fabric in new updated styles. So you can still look great but have some flashback flair!

“For an everyday short with real aussieBum attitude. Featuring pockets with mesh so they’re perfect for every occasion, in the water and out. Does not include internal lining.” The lack of lining would make this a great cover up on the way to the beach with a swim brief under it! Or, maybe you just hate having a lining and just want to change free!

I really love this line. I am a big fan of the retro print! It’s just fun. Although I my not wear it out and def would use it over a swim brief. Why not look great walking to and from the beach? Not everyone is keen on walking through the streets in just a swim brief. Sometimes you need a cover up!

The Scent is available in Red (above) and blue (blow) and is available for $32 on the aussieBum site!



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