Over the last year Singlets have been big in the gear market. They have appeared at most companies and several companies are known for their amazing singlets. I have received many questions from friends and readers about getting a singlet. Which one should they get, what’s important to look for and just general information about them.

Singlets are different than underwear. First I wouldn’t recommend wearing them to work during the day. It may sound like a good idea to wear it as an under shirt that doesn’t come untucked. However, if you get a traditional singlet there is no way to get out of it to use the bathroom unless you take all your clothes off. Which could be problematic when at work. Especially if you wear a suit or uniform to work every day. Some of the shorter singlets you can mange to get creative and take care of when nature calls but its not always easier to do.
There are more than one kind of singlet. Believe it or not there are several type of singlets. I arrange them in High Cut,

Matman Singlet from Internationaljock

Low Cut and Fetishewear. The high cut ones are like a full tank on top and the legs to just above the knee. Some of these can be hard to get in and out of. The low cut ones are thinner straps that go mid stomach and sort of a racer back and the legs end on your upper thigh. The lower cut seem to be harder to find these days. I couldn’t find a pic of the ones I like best. The fetishwear are ones that could be either and made out of mesh, have pouches that accent your crotch. For “real” wrestling singlets they don’t accent your business and few have built in pouches.

What are you wearing the singlet for? Believe it or not some wear it to work out or be active and not just for fetishwear. If you are looking for one that you can work out in I would suggest looking for official wrestler singlets. Those from Adidas, Brute or Cliff Kleen. These are also the best if you want to get into wrestling. If fetish is what you’re after then the most important is to show off. Which there is nothing wrong about! It can be fun to wear one for your partner. They are as much fun to wear as they are to take off. Think of what factor is important in fetish, mesh, accent your goods, show off your body. Then make a decision on the best one.
Who makes erotic singlets? Well that list is way longer. Some of that make the h

Pistol Pete Xpose Singlet

ottest eroticwear are from N2N Bodywear, Pistol Pete, Go Softwear, Ruskin and Cellblock13. All three of these really make singlets that show off everything you have. They do it by making amazing pouches, use mesh (as cut outs and as the material for the singlet), bright colors and super sexy cuts that show off your body. More singlets get released every season. More guys have discovered how fun and amazing they are. One example of a total fetish pair is the Pistol Pete Xpose Singlet. It’s a fishnet mesh that leaves little to the imagination.

Next question is where can you get Singlets? If you’re looking for official wrestling ones you can find it occasional at sporting good stores. But there are wrestling supply stores online that can sell them to you. Also International Jock has some great ones. They sell Mattman and Brute singlets. They also sell other brands. As for the erotic they are a bit easier to find. You can get them from all the brands listed, International Jock has them and most underwear retailers do as well.
I have a few of these brands. My very first singlet was a Cliff Kleen that was low cut with high legs. I still have it and love it! I have several high cut ones as well. I have expanded my fetish collection too. One of my personal favorites is the N2N Bodywear PX Singlet. It’s super low cut and has a pouch that accents what you have. I also bought a Andre Valasco  Leopard body suit form UnderGear for $5 during one of their sales. I currently have about 7-9 singlets. Many I have had since my late teens. I am amazed how well they held up.
My favorite N2N Bodywear Singlet PX10 - No longer available in blue
My favorite N2N Bodywear Singlet PX10 – No longer available in blue
If you have any singlet questions let me know I will gladly answer them as a comment here, on Twitter @unbtim or email me at the site. They have been a passion for mine for years and I love all kinds from official ones to erotic.

Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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