There is a new brand on the market called Mandies. The name maybe a little odd but the undies are a lot of fun. The new line has a lot of interesting skimpy designs with some bright bold colors. The line has as a bit of an Asian feel to me. I say this because of the colors are a bit more on the pastel side and the design has a lot of cut outs. Its not designs we see on the US market that often.

The designs have different cuts from what we see. Sure it has some cut outs but the way it’s put together creates interesting designs with the way they construct the garment. The use of colors, prints and accents play a big role in this brand. I really love the design of this brand and think is very innovative. Instead of talking about the line I am going to show you some of the pairs I love!

005 (4)

The main picture here features the Candy Apple Thong. Which is appropriate since he’s eating a candy apple! The pouch is suspended below the waistband with two straps and a traditional thong strap in the back.

012 (3)Vertigo Boxer Thong – This is something interesting. I have seen boxer jocks but a Boxer Thong is a new category. The colors in the Black are awesome with the pink waistband and the minimal back with the string running down the middle. Its super fun.

024 (2)Octopus Jockstrap – You think it’s a thong but the back has a very interesting design. The minimal pouch in the front goes around back with a jock look but has an additional strap across the top with two cut outs.

This line is super creative and fun. If you want to check it out go to the GDD World site to see all the pairs in the initial collection. Go under Brands then Mandies!




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