MAX_SUAVE_Bikini_Black_ESMP10N_41__73485.1413839991.1280.1280Next up for my review was a new brand I had never worn before, Ergowear, but heard some positive reviews on this brand in the past.  I always find it exciting yet nerve racking to try new brands.  I received the Max Suave bikini in black which was very exciting.  I love the look of bikinis.  I am a fan of underwear that is skimpy and sexy and this cut is exactly like that.  It reminds me of some other brands that have a similar cut and those pairs have always been some of my favorites.  The side is strictly just a waistband and it offers full coverage and support in the front and back.  The Max Suave brief offers some of the best technology and material in bulge support.  This style offers a 3 dimensional pouch which creates such support and comfort that you wont believe your eyes.

I prepared the pair for another typical work day for myself.  I always feel that if you can wear a pair to work for the whole day and it survives your daily routine, its a keeper.  I know it can be scary to be away from home in a mysterious pair of underwear all day without another pair to help you out but its worth the risk to find a good pair of underwear.  Upon opening the bikini, you immediately feel how soft this fabric is.  The pair is made with a soft polyester, spandex microfiber.  They also felt great on.  Like I said, I love the feel of the skimpy bikini that reaches all the way up to the waistband on the sides.  Sometimes, the extra material is just unnecessary and you appreciate a slimmer sexy look.  The material feels very soft against the body.  Everything laid in place quite nicely.  The waistband has a really fun look to it with the font used for the brand name.  Its nice to see something different that stands out different from the market.  Sometimes these bikini cuts can cause some issues with having to adjust the back or front throughout the day.  This pair held up nicely and I did not have to do any adjusting.  Another bonus for my workday!

I wear a medium and to me Ergowear held up nicely to its size requirements  The MAX_SUAVE_Bikini_Black_ESMP10N_46__35419.1413839989.1280.1280Ergowear Max line would be great for the well endowed man.  I am average in that department but this underwear was made with the bulge in mind.  The anatomically enhanced pouch for maximum support allows everything to be where it needs to be which is important for all men.

I really enjoyed this bikini.  I wore the black one and they also offer it in mink.  It’s a nice pair of underwear and would be nice to have more color selection, especially brighter colors that pop in your drawer.  It’s priced at $25.73 which is expensive but with the soft fabric and the advanced technology for the pouch design I can see why its above its competition in price.  I think Ergowear has a great visual look to it and they really take the man’s body into consideration when designing their underwear.  I look forward to trying some new offerings from Ergowear and would recommend this pair to anyone looking for that soft, comfortable pair.


  • Soft fabric
  • Anatomically enhanced pouch
  • Beautiful cut


  • Low variety of colors


  • Daily Fit = 8.5
  • Sizing  = 9
  • Construction Materials = 9
  • Styling = 9
  • Daily Performance = 8.5
  • Overall = 9

This pair is available at Ergowear for $25.73



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