N2N furnished us some great gear to review. This is the first of a few reviews we will be doing of the erotic collection. This review features the Sheer Skin Runners.

My initial impression of these tights was that they were quite sexy looking, once I tried them on and was able to see how the fabric and mesh worked around my body I became an even bigger fan of them. This style is available in both all black and all white, I happen to have one of each.

I have worn these around the condo, out to a bar and around town under some jeans. I didn’t do anything active while wearing them, besides walking around, sitting and standing in them. They held up fine and I am under the impression with the quality of craftsmanship that they would last very well.

The size I got was a large, and it fit my waist, thighs, calves & butt very well, my butt is of good enough size that that it can definitely change how something sits on me compared to someone else of a similar waist size. The website states that Large is in the 34-38” range. The two tights I received say the same size, but they do not fit identical to each other, which is a bit disappointing to me.

What I really love about this is the mesh parts of it; I like how it shows off just a little bit more skin in a tasteful way. I also liked the fit and material; it really hugs my backside and thighs nicely, and cups my crotch very well too. My only dislike is I don’t think N2N is 100% consistent with their sizes, but when mesh is part of the fabric used I can see why.


  • Sexy
  • Good Sizing
  • Amazing Material
  • Nice fit


  • Not consistent sizing


  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 8
  • Construction – 8.5
  • Styling – 9.5
  • Daily Performance – 8.5
  • Overall – 8.7

The N2N Sheer Skin Runners are available for $40 on the N2N Site. Colors available are black and white.


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