My initial impression of the Sheer Skin singlets was that they looked hot, N2N Bodywear furnished these for review! I received the orange version and blue version of this singlet, they also come in a black version and a white version; the white version is the only one where the mesh isn’t black, it is white on it instead.

I have worn these around the condo, out to a bar and a houseparty. I didn’t do anything active while wearing them, besides walking around, sitting and standing in them. They held up fine and I am under the impression with the quality of craftsmanship that they would last very well.

For sizing, the website says a Large is 34-38” in the waist and 41-44” in the chest , so I got a large, and it fit my body very well. It showed off my chest, waist, ass, and crotch extremely well with the sizing and cut of it. The downside was that the two singlets I have didn’t seem to be the same exact size, with the orange being a bit roomier than the blue.

What I really love about this is the mesh parts of it; I like how it shows off just a little bit more skin in a tasteful way. I also liked the fit and material; it really hugs my backside and thighs nicely, and cups my crotch very well too, and with the mesh on the chest it shows off my pecs very well. My only dislike is I don’t think N2N is 100% consistent with their sizes, but when mesh is part of the fabric used I can see why.



  • Sexy styling
  • Good Sizing
  • Good cut
  • Amazing Material
  • Nice fit


  • Not consistent sizing


  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 8.5
  • Construction – 8.5
  • Styling – 9.5
  • Daily Performance – 8.5
  • Overall – 8.8

Find the Black and White Sheer Skin Singlets at the N2N Bodywear site for $80.00. The other colors if you act fast are on sale until sold out.

Pics of Pleep taken by RSH Photography


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