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I hope you’re all doing ok, even though Tax season is spanking me quite hard this year (I tried to do it myself via Turbotax instead of hiring a tax person like I always do…I’ll be filing an extension and hiring a tax person…being a travelling circus artist makes taxes complicated). Even if taxes have you down in the doldrums, I have a great item to discuss today to cheer you up. Today, I am going to be talking about the Jock and Codpiece combo from Maskulo.


First I wanna talk a little about the company Maskulo. They seem to be a really awesome company. They were so enthusiastic when I wrote to them about how I was starting a weekly fetishwear column. They were happy to answer all my questions. When you think of gay fetish wear, you might not instantly think of Russia, because Russia isn’t the most outwardly gay friendly place to be. However, Maskulo stands proud, advertising that they are a “Russian human rights supportive company. A part of our profit is donated to democracy and human rights organizations in Russia.” That’s a pretty badass statement to make.


Back to the fetishwear, I got their jock in the mail, and the feel was dreamy. The jock itself is all elastic that fits like a glove, and the front is an open frame around your package with snaps triangulating from the top corners of the pouch frame to the bottom point underneath. The codpiece is a leather-like fabric filled with foam rubber to give it body. The pouch snaps onto the jock and there you have it. When you wanna keep the jock on, but do a little more frontal action, pouch snaps off completely, and you can get to business.


I tested this jock out for how much it can handle by wearing it to teach a ZUMBA class. Everything was great, the butt straps stayed right where I put them before class, the pouch held everything in. It was breathable, and felt like a cloud. My second test-run did involve the pouch being removed, and it was easy and comfortable (what’s worse than being in the middle of sexy time, and then all of a sudden you have to contort so oddly to unsnap/unzip something? Or your partner has to get out the ikea manual to figure it out…)


The jock comes in just the black straps with contrast white waistband, and has pouches in Black, Navy Blue, Red, Yellow and White. Note: the snap codpieces for the Jock is a different snap system from the Singlets and the Shorts (which use a double snap system). The jock sells for roughly 35 Euros, which is around 40 US Dollars on Maskulo.com or if you’re in the U.S., Jockstrap Central is the Exclusive U.S. Retailer. Another totally classy note of how awesome their are, apparently, with every purchase, they send a little baggy of replacement snaps hardware if you ever have an overenthusiastic undresser. That’s just awesome.

I got a few other things from Maskulo (thanks Maskulo!), so you’ll hear more about their products in the future. For now, keep it kinky, and comment below!

TtheAmazing, over and out.




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