Custom Made Underwear fromSalvatore: Not too long ago, I came across a custom fit underwear maker. I started a dialogue with Steve from cut-2-fit and decided that all of our readers might be interested in his service. He has since custom made a bikini brief and swim brief for me to try. I’m excited to share those experiences with you in a later post. The dialogue led to some questions. The answers to those questions led to this post. Enjoy learning about an increasing emergent market niche in men’s underwear—custom made skivvies. The measurements are much more detailed than just waist size. Enjoy this read, check out Steve’s website, and get your order started today:


  1. What got you started in the underwear industry? Specifically, what led you to pursue the customization of high quality men’s underwear?

I trained as a Costume designer and was taught to achieve the right silhouette needed for each performer and their role. This all starts with the correct shaped underwear followed by a build out to the final costume design.

The construction of underwear for women and men makes up a large section of my professional and technical training. The major difference between the sexes is the fact that men’s underwear is never cut or shaped to fit the male form and has traditionally produced a garment to hide things.

During my career working on productions for dance, television, theatre I decided to go against the grain and accentuate the male form rather than HIDE THE GOODS! Because of this fact, my costume designs for men always included custom designed underwear. This meant giving a more fitted shape to their underwear staying true to the male form.

This purposeful process led to many of the male artists wearing my designs to commission me privately to design and make their underwear & swimwear. After becoming an upper leg amputee a couple of years ago, I found a new set of problems for myself when making underwear to fit right for my new body shape. I started working closely with other male amputees to create custom made underwear & swimwear that was adapted to cater for their own special needs. This crossed over into my private commissions for designer swimwear & underwear for the two legged male.

  1. From the production aspect, what does it take to customize and create a pair

of underwear from start to finish?

There are many good brands on the market that cater to all different styles/cuts in underwear and swimwear. Brands generally all follow the same route by using generic block measurements. This means if you are a 32-inch waist, the garment is cut and shaped to that size and will not take into account that every person will be different shape although still having a 32 inch waist.

This is where cut-2-fit is different from other designer brands. Each one of our client’s underwear or swimwear is individually cut and shaped from their measurements. We also give every client a choice in fabric, colour, and style from our website (or tailored made to their requirements).


When a client first inquires about having a custom made underwear or swimwear from cut-2-fit, we request specific information on style, colour, pouch shaping, etc. I will then create a set of designs and colour samples following the client’s requirements. These drawings are e-mailed to the client so they can decide on which design and colour to choose. The client sends me their measurements (taken from the chart on the website), design, fabric choice, and payment. If we do not hold the fabric in stock an order will be placed with our UK supplier and we will start drafting up your pattern.

Once your fabric has arrived it will then be cut and machined into the finished garment. Once the quality of the finished garment has been checked, the finished product is then shipped out to the client. An email is sent to the client to inform them their order is on its way. The time we try to work to for each clients order placed in the UK is 7 business days from receiving payment to arrival off the order.

  1. What is the logic behind each of the measurements that are taken in order to create that perfect pair for your clients?

Men will find these measurements quite daunting, but in realty women have more measurements taken in the construction of a bespoke bra. Women are used to this and will talk about cup size, uplift, etc amongst their female friends.

Rarely do we hear men talk to their male friends about the way their genitals hang or length and thickness. This can vary greatly from one client to another. Unlike other designer brands, each order is tailored and cut -2-fit each individual client.

On the technical side, we are producing a pattern from a flat 1D effect into a 3D effect. From each of the client’s individual measurements given, this will affect the degree of angle, depth, width and shaping in the pattern construction. Because we use a Lycra based fabric, there needs to be a reduction of between 10% upwards to their measurements due to its different stretch values. With all of our clients, each one will have their own set of patterns drafted from their measurements. These are kept in their own file named with the client reference number.

  1. What types of people are using your services? Are your clients mainly UK based or are other countries catching on?

Many of my first clients where UK based and still come back to me year after year. Most of my commissions come by word of mouth. This causes my client base to kee growing. Over the last couple of years, I have seen an increase is interest from new clients from all over Europe. They have seen my designs on English men whilst on holiday. My client base has a wide selection of men from all different walks of life.

The range of requests of styles and designs that have been commissioned cover husbands asking for lace underwear to match their wife’s wedding dress so they can wear them on the big day, college students looking for see-thru underwear, office workers looking for jock briefs, male pole dancers looking for sequin briefs and thongs, posing briefs for bodybuilders, etc. This creativity of men around the world is astounding and indescribable.


  1. How important is client confidentiality?

Because of the detailed measurement chart that needs to be sent when placing an order including their choice of design, fabric or any other request I try to make my clients feel that any type of request no matter how strange is between the client and me. This is why a client confidentiality agreement is sent out straight away from cut-2-fit to the client.

When a request or order is placed, it comes straight to me. I then have a client number allocated to the associated name and address. All correspondence sent back from cut-2-fit and vice versa will have this client number for their order.

  1. What is the most important thing for our readers to understand about your processes, product, and professionalism?

cut-2-fit first appeared in the late 90s catering for men who wanted a tailored cut a style in their underwear or swimwear. Many of the first male clients appeared from word of mouth after commissions being made for male actors and artists from productions I had been working on.

All underwear or swimwear ordered from cut-2-fit is cut to the clients own body shape. Try and be as accurate as possible when taking your measurements. You should include any extra information to be used in the construction and shaping of the pouch and the shaping and cut of the leg(s).

The turnaround from payment to delivery of your order placed in the UK is 7 working days and includes free postage. Any orders placed from outside the UK will depend on shipping time to your country and a charge for postage.

Don’t think your request is impossible. We have heard it all! Just send us an email. We cannot make up garments in leather or suede. In person fitting is required for these fabric choices. Give us a try. We will work extremely hard to satisfy you and your requests!


Salvatore: I hope you enjoyed this read. Go immediately to and place your order today!


Salvatore is an Assistant Editor for UNB. He's a normal guy that's married with kids and loves everything underwear. Communicate with him on Twitter: @manatomicallyme

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