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I am writing to you from a gay clothing-optional resort, since I treated myself to a real vacation. I have been preparing for this vacation since March. When I started purchasing swimsuits (I had 1 or 2, maybe). This week, I brought 22 swimsuits.  From this past Sunday afternoon through today. I have worn every single swimsuit, and taken pictures to document. You can see it all on my instagram (@HoopArtist). On Wednesday, my life was made complete. I got to have a pina colada served INSIDE a pineapple (the same one the drink was made from). Now I am just wandering off in la la land. Let’s get down to business! Today, I bring you the world of Maskulo Shorts!


Maskulo essentially makes 3 variables in a variety of shorts: Color, Pads, and Rear. Maskulo was awesome enough to send me a few different versions to try out. In terms of color, you can get shorts in Black, Electric Blue, Navy Blue, Red, White, Yellow. For padding, you can select no padding, full padding (wraps around the outside thighs), or front padding (like a football pad in front). The last option is an open rear or a closed rear (note: If you get an open rear no padding, you get a solid color fabric all the way around. If you choose for the closed rear no padding, you get a leathery tuxedo stripe down the outside.).


Like their jockstrap, the shorts features detachable codpieces. The jockstrap one fits differently than the singlets and shorts in how the snaps attach. You can switch out the codpieces from shorts and singlets no problem. I really love these codpieces, I know I’ve said it before with Maskulo. They are this quilted synthetic leather like fabric with spandex color stripes. It is just a sexy piece of sewing.

My favorite color is the Electric Blue (any of my friends will be completely unsurprised). But I like the Navy Blue as well. All the colors are nice and bold. The fabric is 80% nylon, 20% spandex which gives it a really nice and sturdy stretch, hugging you and lifting you up).


The pads are pretty cool. I don’t really see anyone else actually sewing pads onto garments for fetishwear. These are actual quilted pads made to look like leather boxing protection or fencing gear. I should add, the pads are not stretchy. If you get the pads either in full or front padding, I would suggest going up a size. The first pair I received had the wrap around pads and the pair was in my correct size. After trying it on, and just feeling like everything was a little bit too snug. I tried on a pair one size larger for my next shipment, and everything was peachy after that. So yeah, if you are a beefy muscle legged guy, OR you are getting the pads, I’d go up a size.


Rear or open rear is completely your choice. I like a closed rear. I have a couple of the Maskulo open rear garment. It seems like a good amount of cut (some open back undies companies don’t cut the “window” big enough. You get this weird little cut out that just kind of shows some butt cheek cleavage)…


Maskulo produces a wonderfully diverse range of sizes 2XS (26-28” waist) all the way to 5XL (44”-46”), which is great, ‘cause everyone deserves to dress a kinky as they want to.

I am really digging Maskulo as a company (I’m sure you can tell). I wanna support them and speak their gospels to all y’all. They do good work, for your junk, and for gay rights in Russia. Their shorts can all be purchased on Maskulo’s website. Until next time, kinksters..

TtheAmazing, over and out.



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