The last time we talked to you was back in 2015. You were pretty new to modeling for Andrew Christian. How have you liked modeling for Andrew Christian? 

Oh wow it has been a while! I’ve really enjoyed my time with Andrew Christian, it’s been nearly 3 years now. AC has given me the opportunity to travel the globe and meet so many amazing people, definitely a great opportunity that I will forever be thankful for!

You have done quite a few shoots and videos for AC. I think the camera just loves you and you really don’t take any bad pics. Do you have a favorite shoot or video since you started modeling for AC?

I think a lot of people will agree with this, but my favorite was the “Blow Show.” Every time I meet a fan, they ask about the video where I was handcuffed to the chair! That video was great, so much raw passion and sensuality!!! Plus I got to work with some of my favorite people! I mean who wouldn’t like getting a lap dance from Sean Zevran???

Since we are an underwear blog, I have to ask, modeling for one of the largest underwear companies, have you developed a bigger love of undies? Also, how big is your collection.

I’ve always had somewhat of an underwear fetish, I’m not really the type to have fetishes but my love for underwear could be classified as one! Goodness! I haven’t counted in over a year, but I have two full drawers and a box of unopened brand-new underwear in the closet!

Do you have a favorite line, style or pair of Andrew Christian underwear that you can’t live without? 

BASIX, I was so excited when Andrew launched this line! Basic styling, basic colors, but the fit is out of this world! BASIX is always my recommendation to people trying out the line for the first time! You will not find a more comfortable pair of underwear!

Let’s talk about SEX= POWER = POWER. You were one of the models to participate. The book comes at an interesting time. I have a copy of the book. It’s definitely more than underwear. What did you think when the project was presented to you?  

Obviously, I was excited for it! Andrew told me about the project probably 6 to 9 months ahead of time. And you are exactly right this book is about so much more than underwear. Andrew Christian has incomparable creativity, so with the early details, he gave me I knew this was a project I wanted to be a part of so I threw my hat in the ring early on!

Also, how was it pitched to you?

Andrew pitched this book to me as the definition of pushing the boundaries. He wanted to do something that would get people talking. He wanted to do something that would transcend sexuality. And I think that’s exactly what we did, we pushed every limit and then stepped over them.

Andrew Christian mentioned that he had trouble finding a book publisher due to the “extreme” content. Were you worried about doing some of the pics? Because we get to see all most all of Jacob! You standing nude over Austin Watie and standing in line with other AC models bare-assed, literally!

This definitely was not your average coffee table book! I had a hunch some publishers would scoff at the idea of a dozen or so nearly naked man taking pictures in literal sex dungeons, but at the same time the message that the book conveys is so much more than nudity and I think we eventually found a publisher that understood that and understood what we were going for. As far as my comfort level I was 100% with the entire project. I’m as comfortable in my birthday suit as I am in a suit and tie!

Speaking of Austin Watie, you two would be awesome in a shoot together, any chance we are going to see you two in a new shoot or video? 

I absolutely love Austin! The photo you were talking about earlier, where I was standing bare-assed above him was literally the first time we had met! Five minutes prior we were strangers, then I was standing stark naked above him holding a paddle! I can’t think of a better way to meet somebody as gorgeous as Austin Watie!


There were also a set of pictures of you with Andrew Christian in a leather collar with a leash. Is there a bit of a leather side to you? 

Some of my favorite photos to come out of this project were the leather clad s&m photos. That’s definitely not something that I have gotten into before, but I’ve always had an open mind so who knows! We will see who the next person to knock on my door with a dog collar is!

I would imagine that it would be a lot of fun. It’s like the Andrew Christian Model all-stars. With that many guys in one place what was the mood on the shoot? 

The mood was very relaxed! All the models are consummate professionals. And for the most part,we all get along pretty well! Obviously, when you put that many egos together in one room there could be some flareups on long shooting days but everything was in good fun and we all enjoyed ourselves!

Shoots are a long process. It’s not just show up, put on underwear, and in 10 minutes take some great pics and go. How long did it take to shoot your part for the book? 

If I remember correctly we shot the book in March 2016. I flew out to Los Angeles, and I believe we have 3 to 4 shooting days in various locations. I was on set every day for around eight hours or so.



Do you have a favorite picture of shoot from the book? If so, why is it your favorite? 

I think my absolute favorite photo from the book is of Jon Pastor and I. You know the one where he’s laying on my chest and we’re staring into each others eyes. Jon is such a dreamboat! We instantly connected and became very close and great friends over the shoot! The photo I get the most questions about though is where I’m blindfolded acting as Andrew’s personal footstool!!! Obviously, those are the kinds of photos people did not expect to see! I love that photo set as well! Into answer everyone’s questions, Andrew was very courteous as always constantly asking me if I was okay with taking photos that could be perceived as “demeaning.” Obviously I think he every photo in that book is an essential piece of the puzzle that creates the aura of SexPowerFreedom.

I think the book is an interesting political statement. It’s not just about showing skin and shock value. Some have said it was similar to Madonna’s Sex Book back in the 90’s. It appears to me that Andrew had a purpose to the book to show there is no shame in being who you are. What is your take on the book? Also, what did you take away from the experience? 

Madonna’s sex book was definitely an inspiration for the work that we did. I know Andrew is a big fan personally and was very inspired by her work. There was definitely a purpose to the book, like I said initially we wanted to push all the boundaries and step over all the lines that we could, while still staying tasteful. We definitely had a message to deliver, I think we did it well! I don’t think the original plan for the book was to be as heavily political as it was, but I think the climate of the United States and the world at the time played right into what we were doing and gave us a great opportunity. I am definitely thankful for my opportunity to be a part of such a groundbreaking project! I would shoot another one tomorrow!

What has been the feedback on the book? Has it been positive, negative or Neutral? 

I have had overwhelmingly positive feedback! Some people were shocked, okay well I think a lot of people were shocked actually! But honestly I’ve heard nothing but great things about the book! I mean you said you have a copy, how could you come up with anything negative about it!


In our previous interview, you mentioned you wanted to work for LGBTQ activism. Did you get to work for LGBTQ rights in the last few years? 

Still not so much on as grand of a  scale as I would like, but I’ve definitely done my part! I can be somewhat controversial at times. However, the one truth that echoes through my social media, through all the fan mail, and all the emails and feedback that I get is giving people the courage to be themselves. And I’ve personally helped a few close friends come out of the closet and become happy/comfortable in their own skin. I’m constantly trying to preach a message that you don’t have to fit into someone’s mold, you don’t have to be a cookie-cutter human being! Everyone is unique and everybody has something new and different to offer the world. In a world full of gray, I want people to stand out and be the single beam of radiating color!

Since we last talked you have definitely become more ripped and built. How has your workout routine changed since 2015? 

Well for most of 2015 I was actually on the shelf with a partially torn labrum in my right shoulder! When I first started with Andrew Christian I was a lean, almost Twink version of myself. In January 2015 I injured my shoulder and went through 9 to 10 months of rehab to get back into fighting shape. I’m sure everyone has seen the photos. I lovingly call them “fluffy Jacob” pictures! But after I was medically cleared I knew I had to transform my body! I’ve always been an athlete so I had all the tools I just had to put them to use. For most of 2016 I was on an NSNG diet (no sugar, no grains) and I was in the gym a minimum of six days a week! Since then it’s been smooth sailing! Building strength and muscle and utilizing it!


We have a series of quick fire questions for Jacob (can be one word or a short answer)

  • Briefs or boxer briefs?  Briefs
  • Have you been recognized in public (mall/grocery store/etc)?  Yes! All the time in Los Angeles, but quite frequently in St. Louis as well!
  • Favorite workout undies (style) The BASIX line from AC
  • City/Country you want to visit? I have so many places I want to go! London and Scotland to trace my heritage, and Prague to see all the gorgeous boys!
  • Jock or thong?  Jock
  • Singlets? Yes or no? I absolutely love singlets! I wrestled for 12 years growing up, so I’m always partial to singlets. Speaking of, Andrew Christian really needs to release more.
  • Who is your biggest supporter? I’m thankful to have so many people that support everything I do, I can’t choose just one.
  • Swim brief or trunk? Brief! I’m a speedo guy!
  • What are your date night undies? Date night undies? Hmmmm? Probably commando on date night!
  • What’s your best feature? I don’t know that’s hard a one to decide, probably my sense of humor!
  • Oddest place you have been in undies? From a rooftop in Mexico City, to a dungeon in East LA…. take your pick!
  • Who is your current crush?  Current crush? I mean everybody has celebrity crushes, like Zac Efron or Garrett Clayton…. but outside of that don’t really have a crush on anyone right now.

What is something about you that most people, especially our readers, may be surprised to know about you? 

Fun fact! I went to school for criminal justice and have been through the police academy!

You can find Jacob at

  • Instagram @soitsjacob2.0 (Rebuilding phase since my previous was deleted)
  • Twitter @soitsjacob_AC
  • Jacob Ford on Facebook for my official fan account!
  • Snapchat! Jacobrealness (warning most of it is Gym mirror photos & country music)

March 25th 2017,  I’ll be at the Garden, in Des Moines, Iowa as part of the Andrew Christian SexPowerFreedom book tour!

Dates in Salt Lake City, as well as Las Vegas and Southern California to be announced shortly!



Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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