It’s hard to believe we are almost at the end of Swimwear Sunday. We have a few weeks left, and swimwear season will end before we know it. I was racking my brain in who to profile this weekend; then I saw our Steaks and Cakes boys posting pics from Mexico in these super fun green and pink swim briefs! Ryan and Will looked incredible in these suits. I had to profile them today, plus MCE Creations makes such excellent gear; they are a small brand but never underestimate them. The pair they wore were the Gold Buckle Swim Briefs.

“Soak up the sun in these cute and comfortable swim briefs. This cut and contoured seams work to shape and frame the body. Briefs are a snug fit. If you are at the upper end of the size range and are concerned on the fit, it is recommended to go a size up” This is what MCE says about the briefs, and it spot on!

The first thing to notice about the briefs is their unique colors; Artemis, Hades, Apollo, and Eros are the more death tones. While the Pink, Green, and blue colors are the bold colors. You will stand out and command attention to these three colors.

The next thing is the fit. They are smaller but hug every curve of a man’s body and show it off nicely. When I saw the boys in these, I was like, WOW, you boys are super hot in them. It got me thinking of picking up a pair for myself. Plus, having hardware on swimwear seems to be a big trend in men’s swimwear.

If you are looking for a new suit for Labor Day weekend and want something bold, go with the MCE Gold Buckle collection, you won’t be disappointed, and hey, it’s easy to access if you need such a thing. All the colors cost $42 and are reasonable for swimwear. Plus, you will be supporting a small brand.


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