RSH_A_6My first reaction to the Up-Front brief was it leave nothing to the imagination. It’s a very lightweight sheer material. I was not wrong in my first reaction. I was however, completely in love with the color of a light blue almost robins egg.

Once I wore the Up-Front Briefs even for a few minutes a few things became very apparent… One, I love how they felt on my skin. Two I needed to trim up quite a bit.

I love to wear these under my slacks for work. They have a way of making any man feel very sexy while wearing any pair of pants.

I got the large size in briefs and im very glad I did. The briefs have a full back, which I love. They have a very nice pouch in front that almost pushes up your manhood, but not in another brands too much way. Its just the right about of showing off.


  • color and fit
  • accent stitching
  • full seat


  • None


  • Daily fit – 10
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 9
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance -10
  • Overall – 9.5

This pair was furnished by BodyAware. You can find the Up-Front Brief for $17.50 on the BodyAware site.


My First Impression of the bodysuit was how sheer it was and how soft it felt against my skin. This was the first piece I had ever tried on from BodyAware. Since this way my first item from BodyAware I wanted to go with a classic black color.

I have wore this item around the house several times and everything I told myself. “Wow… I really love the way this feels.” I wore this to take the dog out side on our back deck since the genital areas were not mesh but a solid black color.

I went with the Medium size and im glad I did. It fit my body like a glove and showed off what I wanted it to. It showed off my obliques and my arms very well. It also showed off my backside very well. Because of the cut in the seat of the body suit was made for a slender body frame like mine. If you are a larger man I would recommend a larger size…

im 6’1 and 175, so a shorter wider man would need a larger size. This garment was made for lean muscular type man such as myself. Some of the things I liked about this garment were the comfort, how it was cut, how it showed off my torso.  I only had two things I would improve on this garment. One is how the front genital area is cut. Its as it it was bade out of a box of fabric that’s not flattering to the male antimony. The second is how the back of the garment is constricted. While I understand what it was put together this way, I feel like there were several ways to solve this problem.


  • Great feeling material
  • Excellent cut to the front of the garment
  • Love the two part sheer and full coverage areas


  • How the back two piece attached
  • The front crotch area


  • Daily fit- 10 amazing!
  • Sizing -9
  • Construction-8
  • Daily performance-9
  • Overall-9

BodyAware furnished this pair for review. You can find this pair at the BodyAware website for $15.95. Pictures by RSH Photography