Andrew Christian provided the Massive Slant Bikini for review. All opinions are the reviewers.
  • Daily Fit- 10/10
  • Sizing- 8/10
  • Construction- 8/10
  • Styling- 9/10
  • Daily Performance- 10/10
Overall average- 9/10
  • Cut
  • Print
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable fit all around
  • Placement of the string (External)
  • Somewhat clingy when wet/ thin material/ unlined
Hey Y’all, today I’m reviewing the Andrew Christian Massive Slant Bikini. Having acquired my first Andrew Christian swimsuit in 2008, my experiences with this brand have been numerous. I have noticed a change in their products and marketing in the last 5 years which has led me to somewhat shy away when making my own purchases, but I have always been a fan of the more conservative swim bikinis and briefs, so when I saw these I had a good feeling I would like them. Being a guy who doesn’t wear shorts for water activities, I did not hesitate at all to give these a go.
I initially wore these as underwear to see how they would react to everyday activities and movements. I noticed immediately that the material was light and flexible and imagined it would be comfortable wear, which was confirmed during the gym and other activities. Very flexible and comfortable for any thing you could be doing. I didn’t have any binding issues nor did they feel like they were digging into any part of my skin.
The material was nice and light which made them a good choice for using as undergarments. I did have some reservations about the durability or longevity of the garment, based on how thin the fabric felt. Would this suit be able to last for years under normal wear and tear? Maybe, but I’m not betting on it lasting more than 3 years or so. The cut was a little more on the conservative side in terms of AC, which was rather nice. Still brief and cute, but not anywhere near string sides hahaha. I did notice that when wet, the suit gets clingy which could lead to issues with the front for those who don’t necessarily like having their assets of full display, but a quick flick and that issue was resolved. There is no dedicated pouch so the suit still fits on their more conservative side. The draw string was on the outside, which can be nice if tied right but I personally am not the biggest fan of external drawstrings.
Sizing has always been an issue with me with AC. The suit I reviewed was a size large which is about what I wear in most other brands but I have had to go with XL in some of their suits in the past. I can comfortable wear 36s in shorts and jeans so even when I lose weight and size I still believe this suit will wear just as well, and can always use the drawstring to really cinch down if needed.
Overall I really enjoyed this pair. Solid cut and the print design is fun and interesting, ensuring catching some eyes and comments. Very comfortable both wet and dry, and solid during both, so no unexpected peek a boo. I would recommend this suit to anybody who wants a more interesting look over solid colors or even some of the other prints I see out there.
  • Andrew Christian
  • Massive Slant Bikini
  • dark Grey with teal lettering
  • Small and Medium available
  • currently $34.40
  • 90% polyamide 10% spandex
  • provided courtesy of Andrew Christian