Bird Briefs


In the last few years subscription services have been big in men’s underwear. Some focus a specific style while others like Bird Briefs focus on keeping your underwear drawer full of new undies as needed. It’s a great concept and for the busy guy who doesn’t have time to shop for undies (Yes I did said that!). We all know friends who can use a service like this. We got to talk to them about the new business that launched Jan 1 of this year. Here is what they say about there brand.

I came up with the idea for BirdBriefs this past summer- I essentially decided I needed some new underwear but was having a hard time finding the time to make the trip. I live in the heart of downtown and going to the closest Target or department store like Macy’s or Dillard’s is ALWAYS a chore.
At the same time, I had recently subscribed to a service called The Dollar Shave Club. I was happy with their service and it made alot of sense for me. So, I started wondering why there wasn’t some sort of similar version for underwear (socks too!) and that’s when I came up with the idea. I brought a few of my friends into the fold: Matt Ward – biz dev, Tony Emerson (who you’ve corresponded with) – Marketing/SEO, and Jeffrey Russom – The Engineer (brains too)….. At the end of the day, I just felt like there would be a market for subscription basics and no one was really delivering such a service the way I envisioned it should be done – so why not do it ourselves!?
So here we are. About 8 months later, I’ve studied textiles, styling, stitching, you name it. We’ve built out an e-commerce site. We’re having underwear manufactured and we’re taking orders! We’re doing all the fulfillment ourselves too. Its a little surreal – I never thought of myself as an underwear enthusiast but here we are! And I gotta say, I’m really happy with the way things are going. We’ve been in business for less than a month and we’re already rapidly approaching our 100th subscriber.
Go Check out Bird Briefs and sign up! I love their logo!