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b3d77145db74a35d9adf49147e7d3aedCityboyz Fashions now has the Pikante line in stock. They are a new brand for Cityboyz Fashions. Here is what the website says about the brand:

Pikante As the name suggests, Pikante is a spicy South American brand. With unique, eye-catching designs and lush materials, Pikante supplies the wearer with a hot, edgy easthetic that is sure to heat-up your underwear collection!

Go check out the entire line!

b54767829942055a514279c6b8c1e031Cityboyz Fashions has a great sale on Gigo that ends today! So if you love the new line and want to save on it, you better get over there now! Gigo is a great line that uses colors and prints in ways very few companies are doing today. If you want some really awesome date night undies, then check out the collection!

While you are there check out the model galleries of Rob Patrick and Tory George!

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Those NorCalBodz boys are really making a splash on the Underwear scene! Rob Patrick is now at Cityboyz Fashions as well! You can go check him out and I”m sure they will have wall papers with him soon as well! We can thank Gary at NorCalBodz for getting some awesome models to share with the rest of us. Here is what Cityboyz says:

Say hello to hot new Cover Model

“Chi Town” Rob Patrick!

Rob is modeling for us in cooperation with our model partner
NorCalBodz – Photography/Model Management.

Rob hails from Chicago and is a certified fitness trainer. He is currently pursuing his Masters degree in Sports Management at Northern Illinois University.

Look for lots more from this hot guy on


Cityboyz Fashions has 2(x)ist Metal Collection.  2(x)ist introduces a sleek new collection called Metal. The evolution of fashion is putting an emphasis on metal accessories and 2(x)ist runs with that concept this season. The Metal collection features a split level, engineered elastic with an edgy 2(x)ist logo in metallic accents. The fabric feels like brushed microfiber, and provides luxurious, supportive, form-fitting comfort. The collection features a variety of styles such as the no-show brief, no-show trunk and jockstrap. With a sexy engineered metallic 2(x)ist logo, the v0neck tee is transformed into a piece that can be worn on a night out. The metal line will be sure to translate basic pieces into sleek, modern, and sexy essentials. You can get free shipping by using code “Freeshipping” But only for two more days

Also while you’re there check out one of our favorite models, Tory George, he’s one of the newest models. We think he’s going to go far and hope to see a lot more of him. If you want to see more of him check out his page on the Cityboyz Site!

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Tory George, is one of our favorites. He’s been on our podcast and we have posted pictures of him. He’s a great guy and now he’s at Cityboyz Fashions as a model. So you can see a lot more of him! Here is what Cityboyz said:

Say hello to super sexy Cover Model


Tory is modeling for us in cooperation with our model partner
NorCalBodz – Photography/Model Management.

Tory has modeled for All American Guys and has been featured in World Physique Magazine.

Look for lots more from this hot guy on

b8f856fbdd15f0b11cb22f4aa8205e05Cityboyz Fashions now has Private Structure underwear. For those who dare to be different in style without compromising the fundamentals of being comfortable and being confident of who they are, PRIVATE STRUCTURE is the SOLUTION to it all. With a creatively driven and acute sense of fashion as well as an up-to-date knowledge about the technology and business, we arrive with challenging new concepts for each brand new seasons, delivering the most appealing and yet the most comfortably structured under gears suited to cater all categories and all needs

Skmpeez somes to Cityboyz Fashions. The Skmpeez collection comes in two cuts, the Euroz and Squarez.The Euroz cut, was inspired by the shape and fit of the classic European swimwear. It sits low on the hips and is not quite as revealing as a bikini cut, it leaves just enough to the imagination. The Squarez sits low on the hips  like the Euroz but has a bit more length in the legs.


Cityboyz Fashions has some of the newest Clever underwear! If your’e not familar with Clever… Clever is a Colombian men’s underwear company. Clever’s designers have created a hot new line featuring unique, vibrantly-colored, sexy, low-rise, pouch front underwear and swimwear to appeal to your  sexy side. Clever’s signature incorporates a wide range of bold graphic prints and cutting-edge styling.
Now available at Cityboyz!

We continue our Buyers Guide today with 4 more great styles! We have one more day and then we will be done till Christmas!


Company: AussieBum
Style: Solider Brief
Cost: $27.19 (cost will vary due to exchange rate)

Prepare for battle with these babies. Inspired by military camoflague print these masculine looking briefs are combined with our wide-width metallic waistband for a unique and fresh strong look. “95% Cotton, 5% Elastane Gentle machine wash in cold water. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach or wring. Line dry in shade. Do not tumble dry. Do Not Iron”


Company: Jockstrap Central
Style: Bike #10 Bike Athletic Supporter

After over two years, we finally sold out of our original Bike #10 stock and we thought they were gone forever as they are no longer being manufactured, but we’re happy to announce… They’re Back! And for the first time in years in North America, Bike #10 Jockstraps are now available in colors.    It wasn’t easy to get our hands on them and we can’t tell you how we got them (or we’ll have to kill you – kidding!) but we jumped through hoops and now here they are.  We don’t need to tell you, but these are the ultimate jockstrap. They’re the one that started it all and for many, there just isn’t another jockstrap like it.

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Company: Cityboyz Fashions
Style: Papi Motion Thong
Cost: $16.00

Papi is a term universally spoken, utilized and understood to celebrate the spirit, strength, and sex appeal of today’s young man. Papi Underwear is a premium brand that targets todays young consumer where luxury is important in all aspects of life. Enter the world of Papi where excitement has no end! Papi’s, famous underwear is available at your fingertips from New MOTION Collection from PAPI Sportswear. Collection features a stylish tribal print in cool contrast colors. The material mix is 95% Polyester/5% Spandex.


Company: N2N Bodywear
Style: Waistband Brief
Cost: $19.00

N2N is known for their really hot styles. They have done some really awesome undies this past year, but the one we are recommending is the N2N Waistband Brief. This brief has traditional styling with the great N2N fit! I think this brief shows the versatility of N2N as a company. We reviewed it here earlier this year. We recommend you picking one up!

The last installment of the Guide will be out tomorrow and look forward to something BIG for our Christmas Gift Guidde

2x-index 2(x)ist Form at Cityboyz Fashions

New at Cityboyz Fashions

2(x)ist introduces a sleek new collection called METAL that emphasizes metallic accessories. The fabric feels like a brushed microfiber and provides luxurious, supportive, form-fitting comfort. Available colors are black, white, navy, and cranberry red. 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex

2(x)ist’s FORM Collection is designed to make abs out of lovehandles, FORM slenderizes the midsection to provide a sleek appearance. The wide elastic band measures 6 inches and whittles the waist 2 inches. 80% Cotton / 20% Spandex.