Since its inception in 2013, Curbwear has been revolutionizing the world of men’s underwear, challenging traditional norms and empowering individuals to express their unique identities. As the brand celebrates its 10th anniversary, it’s a perfect time to reflect on its journey and impact. From its iconic metro shoot with model Ben to the recent shoot at Camber Sands featuring model Jacob, Curbwear has consistently pushed boundaries, offering bold and innovative styles that inspire confidence. Let’s delve into the remarkable story of Curbwear and explore the exciting new styles that mark this significant milestone.

A Decade of Progress:
The brand burst onto the scene in 2013 with its groundbreaking Identity range, which allowed men to showcase their sexual tastes through their underwear. This bold move challenged conventions and sparked conversations about self-expression and acceptance. Curbwear quickly gained recognition and a devoted following as people resonated with the brand’s commitment to embracing individuality.

The Metro Shoot and Model Ben:
One of the defining moments in Curbwear’s history was the infamous metro shoot featuring model Ben. This shoot captured the essence of the brand’s philosophy, showcasing the confidence and allure that Curbwear’s designs imbue in its wearers. Ben became a symbol of the brand’s ethos, representing the diverse and empowered individuals who choose Curbwear as their go-to underwear.

New Styles and Model Jacob:
As Curbwear looks forward to the next chapter, it continues to evolve and introduce fresh designs for 2023. The brand’s latest shoot at Camber Sands in East Sussex, England, features model Jacob, whose athletic background in rugby brings new energy to the brand. With his cheeky grin, thick legs, and perfect bum, Jacob is poised to make a significant impact. The new styles unveiled, such as the colorful camo micro briefs, the star brief, and the return of the popular button brief, exemplify Curbwear’s commitment to staying at the forefront of fashion and meeting the desires of its diverse clientele.

Celebrating a Decade of Support:
Curbwear’s 10-year anniversary wouldn’t be possible without the unwavering support of its customers and fans. Over the years, the brand has cultivated a tight-knit community that shares its self-expression, body positivity, and inclusivity values. This collective enthusiasm has propelled Curbwear to new heights and ensured its continued success. The brand expresses its heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been a part of its journey, from the early adopters to the loyal supporters who have championed the brand’s vision.

As Curbwear celebrates a decade of pushing boundaries and inspiring confidence, it remains a trailblazer in the men’s underwear industry. From its inception with the groundbreaking Identity range to the latest shoot at Camber Sands, the brand has consistently offered innovative styles that empower individuals to express themselves authentically. As we look ahead, it’s clear that Curbwear’s impact will continue to grow, inspiring men worldwide to embrace their individuality, celebrate their bodies, and feel confident in their own skin.

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UK underwear brand Curbwear just shot these super sexy pics of Sean, a 21 year old Irish lad living in London.
That great mix of young and hairy, this was Sean’s first underwear shoot…a little nervous but he soon enjoyed getting into all the different briefs and jocks. 😍
The new ranges include the Super Brief, a brief that looks and feels lo-rise with enough coverage to be comfortable to wear all day.  The popular Crown range has also received an update, upgrading the mesh to a new high-quality, Italian stretch mesh that is ultra comfortable against the skin.
Model: Sean
Meet Yorkshire lad James, 23 and living in London. We think he did a stella job (aka great) on his 1st ever shoot with UK underwear brand Curbwear.
Highlights include the Christmas Glitter pics plus the revealing mesh jockstrap photos. New products featured include the ID Code Mesh Jock, Crown Modal Brief and the Enhance 1 Brief that features an inside pocket boost.
Model: James Colebrook
Photographer: Darren Black
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