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The photoshoot for the new collection took place at a First-Class location on Gran Canaria. All the glamour you could possibly imagine was there, just perfectly matching the style icon that •ES•Collection is! Welcome to a new First Class. — Location Maspalomas (Gran Canaria) Models @guillechoa @danielshoneye @jacobs_90 @melvinmyhre Photographer @tarek_del_moreno_photographer In collaboration with @QueerPlans @worldcreatorstour

WE celebrate our 15th Anniversary with our LEGEND campaign! In 2006 we presented a new innovative brand to the gay world: ·ES· Collection was born! Since the introduction, we really accelerated on the road to success, on which we have always been able to create exciting new collections, resulting in an ever-growing gathering of fans worldwide. Our priority is investing in research, innovation, technology and development to create the b•ES•t fit, b•ES•t design and b•ES•t quality. This is our largest strength! Thank you for your support since the beginning!

This features the Dystopia collection from ES COllection from 2018.

ES Collection presents its new Fall/Winter 18/19 collection Dystopia, a concept which is contrary to utopia. “Dystopia” poses a world where contradictions of ideological discourses are brought to their most extreme consequences. In this sense, Dystopia presents a decadent reality warning of the potential dangers of ideologies, malpractice and the behaviours on which our current society is built: extreme capitalism, state control, consumerism, technological dependence, wild pollution, etc. A futuristic collection after an apocalyptic world where traditional schemes give way to a change of concepts and paradigms. Within this context, the designer Carmen Monforte has been inspired by the great references of cinema and literature which initially developed this concept. Thus, books like Brave New World or 1984, or films like MadMax, Blade Runner and Waterworld have served as an inspiration to develop a futuristic collection after an apocalyptic world where traditional schemes give way to a change of concepts and paradigms. When presenting this change in paradigms, garments play constantly with contrasts of thicknesses, styles, colors, textures … We can find synthetic quilts and leathers in the same garment combined with very fine fabrics such as thin polyamides or meshes, or very elegant and delicate garments including karabiners and ropes, typical of a much rougher and rural context. In summary, a collection which is not governed by traditional aesthetic patterns, one which presents a man and woman who are survivors of a global catastrophe.

We are so proud to announce that ·ES·Collection is in its 15th year of its existence! In these 15 years that we have been in the high-end market we have built an immense popular brand, always with dedication making the B·ES·t of the B·ES·t that money can buy for you; our high-end customer we so value.

Over the years we never stopped innovating our technologies to stay ahead of the competition, which we have maintained by strides. And we are so proud of that too! All made in Barcelona(!) with the B·ES·t materials for the B·ES·t fit with the B·ES·t designs, we have and will remain the absolute leader.

And now for our 15th anniversary we created “Legacy”

This exclusive line of diverse underwear consists of very sophisticated designs, sexy patterns and extremely high quality fabrics for the B·ES·t fit that you have grown accustomed to and expect from us. The range varies from shiny party wear to exquisite and daring reptile and snake prints to the elegant ´rainbow´ wear.

Additionally, we have another premier to announce: The ECOwave fabric.
The threads used in our products are recycled from plastic residues found in the Mediterranean! And when printing the fabrics, only solar energy is used. The digital prints are done without water: this ´dry´ print causes a 100% reduction of water use. And finally, the whole production line is done in one place, having no unnecessary transportation between factories. This way we too participate in helping the world to be a cleaner and healthier one for the generations to come.

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The volcanic landscapes of Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, are the setting for VULCANO, the new swimwear release of ES Collection for 2020. Landscapes combined with reddish tones and black basalt rock, the island offers a unique natural place where the fire of the Earth meets the Atlantic Ocean. The land of volcanoes and black sand beaches promises a unique collection.

Our creative director, Carmen Monforte, was inspired by the natural beauty of our planet earth, avoiding stereotypes and accessories that throw us off our natural order. The volcanic beauty reminds us of the palette of warm colours, combined with reflections which give us metallic touches, making reference to the origin of the basic elements of our planet. The sun, with its power, reminds us of the absolute dependence we have on its energy. In a world where the environment is under a constant threat, the collection is a wake-up call to maintain a sustainable common path between fashion and the environment. This collection merges the combination of R&D where comfort and sensitivity for aesthetics prevail.

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