I’m thrilled about the surge in singlets! GX3 from Japan recently launched a collection of low-cut, mesh singlets, adding a touch of fun and excitement. It’s fantastic to witness numerous brands embracing this trend, suggesting we’ll get even more singlets in the future. To all the spandex/gear enthusiasts out there, rejoice!

In our podcast with Sai, he told us about the Fundoshi, and if you were curious here is GX3 Gloss Touch Fundoshi. Here is what they say about it.

Chic and stylish design and glossy luster! GX3 [fundoshi -FUNDOSHI-] suitable for the current era. The highly elastic, smooth and glossy fabric creates a voluminous silhouette that you will want to show off. It is a T-back type that can be easily worn through the legs, so it can be worn easily. Adopts a material that is soft to the touch and stretchy. The rubber around the pouch provides a sense of volume and hold. The braided rope-shaped waist strap is 12mm wide, which emphasizes masculinity. Because it is “flat”, the surface does not stand out even when wearing clothes.

GX3 is a brand out of Japan that has caught my eye. they have some cuts that I really love. However the down side is the sizing chart:

S size 26.5-29.5 cm
M size 28-31 cm
L size 29.5-32.5 cm
XL size 31-34 cm
XXL size 33-36 cm

What is considered a medium in the US is is an XL I believe that the listings should be inches and not cm.