Max Emerson


We love Max Emerson here at UNB. His Underpants Super Model series was one of the bet web series featuring underwear. Now he wants to do something to give back he is making a film called Hooked. It will benefit gay, lesbian and trans homeless youth. Which is an amazing cause. The video above explains what he wants to do with the movie.

Max is funding it via Indigogo. You can donate as little at $10. The campaign has 30 days to go! If you are looking to get a pair of his underpants now is the chance, one of the levels is that! For more information see the Hooked Indigogo

One of the best things happening on YouTube is Max Emerson’s “Max’s Underpants” Series. Max is a real life underwear model who you have seen before. He’s taken his experience and created a web series for those who want to be underpants super models, and yes there is a quiz at the end.

He’s not only a great looking guy but super funny. The videos have had me literally LOL at times. They are up to the third episode and a new video is released every Wednesday. This has actually made me go visit YouTube just to see the newest video.

I highly suggest you go watch the videos and then subscribe so you don’t miss an episode if that funny and amazing web series.