Mission Statement

Our mission at UNB is to bring the latest in men’s underwear to our readers ! We do this by giving guys the latest underwear news, trends, newest brands and reviews. We think all guys regardless of age, size, body type or sexual orientation deserves to wear great underwear.

We are a team of volunteers who want to share out passion.  Each guy comes from a different background and brings a different exe prince to the table. . Underwear is one of the biggest passions we all have in life. Each of our writers has a unique point of voice that can bee seen in each post on the blog.

We never charge for posts. It’s something our Editor-In-Chief feels strongly about. Blogs are about personal opinion and not paid advertising. The integrity of the blog is made up in our own opinion We are all subject experts on underwear and want to share what we have learned over the years to our readers.

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