2eros Underwear



By Jason Hoeung – 2EROS

Underwear is so personal because it’s the closest thing to you. Its the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off. Its the wrapping to a present, or an entree before the main. Men has become aware of this and are paying more attention to what they present. Mens underwear needs to be comfortable and represent their personal aesthetics.

When I design underwear I always think what I look for and why I purchase certain brands and style. With this in mind this is my list on what makes a great underwear.

  1. Basic function: Know your body and know what feels comfortable, you just need to test out a few brands, once you like a pair from that brand you can experiment with other fits from that brand. Certain brands will focus on a certain body shape and normally they will deliver for that body type.
  2. Then you need to find the right fit. You have to selection between a variety of fits from briefs, trunks, boxers etc. The right fit will not irritate you throughout the day. A good fit can support and contour your body nicely.
  3. Finding the right brand that represents your style and personality. 2EROS for example is sexy and sophisticated, so the fit will sit low on the hips yet supporting you. The selected fabrics are luxurious such as Modal, bamboo and wicking fibres to name a few, you pay a little more for the feel of fabric against your skin. SUPAWEAR on the other hand is fun, loud and comfortable. The styling is meant to grab attention especially when it gets exposed over your designer jeans. The vibrant colours and variety of fits will get you excited to get dressed or undressed 🙂

Find 2EROS at http://www.2eros.com