2(x)ist Form


New at Erogenos is the new Pulse Sock Jock, 2(x)ist Form and Metal collections!

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New PULSE Sock Collection. Comfort C-Ring with cupped pouch allows for added support and gripping action to keep your sock on without showing underwear lines. Comes in the SOCK JOCK or SOCK CUP style. 30% Cotton / 10% Elastic / 30% Acrylic / 20% Polyester / 10% Nylon.

New 2xist FORM Collection (center)
2(x)ist’s FORM Collection is designed to make abs out of lovehandles, FORM slenderizes the midsection to provide a sleek appearance. The wide elastic band measures 6 inches and whittles the waist 2 inches. 80% Cotton / 20% Spandex.

New 2xist METAL Collection (right)
2(x)ist introduces a sleek new collection called METAL that emphasizes metallic accessories. The fabric feels like a brushed microfiber and provides luxurious, supportive, form-fitting comfort. Available colors are black, white, navy, and cranberry red. 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex.