Boxer Brief



I get the chance to review another Unico Boxer!  It may sound like it’s not the typical for me but Unico makes one of the few boxers I liked. The previous ones were great, so this one I had high hopes as well. This one unlike the rest is made out of a 93% Cotton, 7% Spandex blend.  I loved the design of these too, colorful and fun. Unico is not one company afraid to use colors or patterns. So I put I through it’s paces.

I wore this pair to work on an average day. The day wasn’t too active. It was mainly office work and hanging out with friends after.  Being a day that wasn’t too active I didn’t think it would be much of a challenge for the pair. The one thing that I noticed was the legs opening stretched out a bit. For Unico that was strange, granted it wasn’t very bad but still annoyed me it happened. All the other pairs I have reviewed have really held up great. So for this one to have a few issues was odd to me.  It wasn’t bad but it was just noticeable to be annoying. The materials seemed to be the same as previous pairs, so I’m not sure why this pair did this didn’t hold up.

The sizing for Unico is based on Colombian sizing. Meaning it definitely runs small. I would suggest that you get a size up in whatever size you get. For example if you’re a medium I would suggest getting a Large. The pair I reviewed was an XL, which did fit my 36 waist very well. If you get much larger you may have issues. However, when I was a 40 waist I could still wear my XL. Not sure if that was I loved them so much or if they fit!

As I said I really liked the pattern. They are known for their amazing prints and patterns. Unico really isn’t afraid to step outside the box and use prints you don’t normally see in men’s underwear. The pouch is the second thing I love. Unico makes some of the best pouch underwear on the market. It’s one of the things they are known for, and if you look back on the blog then you will see we have consistently named it as one of the best for pouch design. As for what I didn’t like was the fabric. It lost its shape and made the legs looses their shape. This is the first time I have ever had a pair of Unico do this, so not sure if its just the pair or in general for the cotton/spandex blend.


  • Great fun pattern
  • Amazing Unico pouch
  • Matching waistband


  • Fabric didn’t fit well
  • Lost shape around lets


  • Daily Fit – 6
  • Sizing – 7
  • Construction/Materials – 5
  • Styling – 8
  • Daily Performance  – 6
  • Overall: 6.2

Mundo Unico Store furnished this pair for review.


Jack-adams-bodyflex-trainer-trunkJack Adams is one of those brands that is coming on strong lately. They had a small collection but as the year goes by they keep releasing more and more. The first thing that caught my eye was their jocks and now these boxers are looking pretty cool. These are the Bodyflex Trainer Trunk.

  • The Bodyflex Mesh Trainer Trunk is the same body style of their  best-selling Cotton version
  • Takes performance and comfort to another level.
  • Bodyflex Mesh offers support, comfort and a glove-like fit that is a MUST HAVE for the real performance athlete.
  • The wicking fabric keeps your body cool and dry, handling every moment of your active lifestyle.
  • Made from 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex.
  • Colors are: Black/Red, White/Black and Black/White
  • Retails for $40

Find this and more Jack Adams at the Jack Adams Website.

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baskit-billy-boy-boxer-brief-underwear-of-the-weekThe Underwear of the Week this week is the Baskit Billy Boy Boxer Brief. Baskit has brought back the condom pocket underwear and has teamed up with German condom company Billy Boy. In the 90’s there were a few brands that came out with condom pocket underwear but it wasn’t always executed well. The Billy Boy line made a great pocket that isn’t intrusive and gimmicky.

Reasons this pair is our underwear of the week:

  • Brought back by popular demand
  • Made in conjunction with Germany’s #1 condom brand, Billy Boy
  • Available in blue, red and green
  • 96% Cotton 4% Elastane fabric blend
  • Features a discrete condom pocket on the hip

Get the Billy Boy Boxer from the Baskit site for $24

bb1500_billy_boy_boxer_brief_f2_blue_1bb1500_billy_boy_boxer_brief_f_red bb1500_billy_boy_boxer_brief_f_green



I am back with another Boxer Brief from Unico. Notice a theme here! I have one more pair to review as well. I was hoping for some briefs too but this is an all boxer brief Unico review! I posted the last review and it was a glowing review. I am still surprised that I loved it as much as I did. This pair is a shorter boxer brief and a cotton/spandex blend. I have reviewed a few of these over the years and again like the last review, hope they hold up !

The pair I am reviewing is the Simplicidad Boxer. Which is a blue and yellow striped boxer. Its made out of a Cotton/Spandex blend. So when I put them on they didn’t feel as great as the (name). Which is not necessarily a bad thing. I was keeping an open mind.  The color and the way they make the stripes form a v in the front is one of my favorite things. Unico always pays attention to these details.

I wore this pair to work and errands after work. It’s was going to be a little more intense then my previous reviews. The daily grind at the office wasn’t bad. I had no issues with the pair. It felt really good and the pouch gave me ample support. The true test was with the errands I ran. I had to go to a warehouse club, shop for shots and go to the grocery store. It may not sound too bad, not like running 5 miles or doing a 2-hour work out. A good pair of underwear will live up to daily wear with out issues. This pair held up well. While I didn’t like the cotton blend as much as the previous nylon blends, it held its shape quiet well.

The sizing is the exact same as the previous pair. Unico is a Colombian brand and they are always smaller then US sizes. This means you should always buy a pair up from your normal size. Unico will not stretch to fit you, if you get a size smaller. They are quite uncomfortable if you do. I made this mistake once and I will not make it again.

0003-13100840-65B1 0002-1310084065-S2

What I liked about the pair… I loved the stripes and the way they always create the V in the front to show off the pouch. It accents what you have and makes it look great. That is if that’s important to you. Next, is the great Unico pouch. They have never let me down on this one. They have designed and made a pouch that is designed for a guy. The waistband is another area I love. The Unico branded waistband with the U in front is a great touch. The things I didn’t like were the fabric, which is only a minor dislike. Had I not reviewed the other pair this would not be much of an issue. But I love more stretchy fabric such as nylon/spandex.


  • Fun stripes
  • Great Unico pouch and stripe construction
  • Designer waistband


  • Fabric is my only minor complaint


  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing –  9
  • Construction/Materials – 8
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance-  9
  • Overall  – 9

Mundo Unico Store furnished this pair for review.