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valentines-staff-picsI asked our guys, what you are planning to wear for Valentine’s Day. We have a mix of single/dating and gay/straight so where are what some of us will be wearing.


Alex – I’ll be wearing my new Andrew Christian punted tighty whitie jock. It’s a new sexy take on an old classic. Just the fun valentines day needs!!


Shane – Being the special day that it is to celebrate love and infatuation, I will be wearing the color of love – RED!  I will be wearing the newest pair of red underwear that I have added to my collection, the Modus Vivendi metallic loose fit boxer.  It is simply wonderful!  I love the stripes being dark and bright red with a slightly metallic sheen.  They fit great and look great.  These are not your dad’s boxers.  They make me feel confident and look great on.  Love them!


T – I’ll be wearing the Gregg Homme Pump Up Thong, just in case I bump into a guy who wants to start a whirlwind romance then and there 🙂 I’ll be wearing good undies, supportive, but still scandalous.


John – Having been in a relationship now for over 8 years, Valentines Day is just another day that I get to spend with the guy that I love. As for my underwear selection… I think I will be in a jock. My partner loves when I wear a jockstrap, so since the day is about showing him how much I love him, that is the way I will go. I have a cute new pair of Andrew Christians that will be just perfect. It is a pair of his dark red Teaser Air Jock. I love these because they are super comfy and light weight with plenty of room so they are great to wear all day, yet sexy and playful so that what ever happens that night is just as exciting.


Tim (ME) – I”ll be traveling so I won’t have any romantic dinners unless you count having one on a Southwest flight 32,000 feet in the air with 200 of my closest friends. I am going to wear my John Seivers California Gold Brief. This is one of the best briefs I have for traveling. Will anyone see it, NOPE just me but I’ll be in Vegas that night so how bad could it be?

try-something-newI was talking on Twitter (if you’re on Twitter follow me @unbtim) and talking to someone who loves briefs/bikinis and he is doing a month long challenge to wear Boxer briefs. His challenger is doing the reverse boxer briefs to bikinis! Speaking from experience as a briefs guy, having to wear Boxer Briefs for for a week would drive me nuts. I do have boxer briefs, like Mundo Unico, Trunks from N2N, ones with great pouches. So I’m not totally anti-boxer brief, but doing it for a month would be a bit much for me.

Now I”m not saying to try something for an entire month. I reward the conviction for trying something new for a month, but I say start small. Some things you might consider trying that you have never worn before. The prime example of this is Jon on our site asked me for a thong to try. He has never worn one and wants to try out a good one. We will be getting him one to try and review soon. It makes me wonder if he will wear to the gym?

My biggest challenge was when I had to review a boxer for Hamilton & Hare. I knew no one on the site would want to do it. I would picture me asking the guys and have silence and nothing but crickets in the background. So I took one for the team. I hadn’t worn boxers in prob 15 years or more. And then it was a rare occurrence. I think I could count on one hand how many times I wore them under pants. After trying those they were pretty good. I but I won’t say i wear them all the time but I have lounged around in them many times.

If you’re up for trying something on the wild side we have a brands we can recommend:

  • Gregg Homme – It’s pricy but extremely well made and will last. It’s sexy underwear made to wear all day from thongs to sheer!
  • Cellblock13 – It’s a fun fetish line from Timoteo and will bring your wild side out. Find Jocks, jock briefs and Jock Boxers
  • N2N Bodywear – Has amazing pouches and plenty of thongs, jocks and more that are made to show off your goods
  • Modus Vivendi – Taking their Greek Heritage and making really fun and different underwear, if you want fun and funky this is for you
  • PetitQ – This is for the bold guy who says what the hell, just let it all hang out! Made super small and leaves little to the imagination

Say you’re a guy who has the wild part covered and want to try something with a classic cut:

  • Baskit – Makes great classic underwear that fits amazing in many different styles from boxer briefs to jocks.
  • Mack Wheldon – They focus on briefs and boxer briefs currently with great materials.
  • 2(X)ist – A classic underwear company that has some really strong core basics in their line up that you won’t be disappointed you bought
  • C-IN2 – Another classic company that has never had great fun undies but also super classic you can wear anywhere.

The wild brands are easier to come up with then Classic. Plus I think more guys would go from classic to wild!

This year we are going to challenge you guys to step out of your box and try new things.

modus vivendi velvet line-8Modus Vivendi has just released a stylish new line of menswear made from high quality Italian velvet. The line comprises shorts, jackets, pants, vests and onesies. World renowned fashion designer Christos Bibitsos has created some extremely masculine clothing in khaki, black and grey, featuring unique, creative details – a trademark of Modus Vivendi. Easy to wear, extremely comfortable and a real pleasure to touch, these items will become instant favourites.

Brand: Modus Vivendi (www.e-modusvivendi.com)
Photographer: Dimitris Skoulos
Model: Thomas Patrick (VN models)
Styling: Aris Georgiadis
Make up & Hairdressing: S&G

See more below


’Tis the season…and all that jazz.  The holiday season is in full swing.  Did you take advantage of the great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on underwear?  Well even if you didn’t, there’s still time to get new underwear before we hit 2014.   So in the spirit of the holidays, our staff has picked their favorite pairs that put them in the holiday spirit.

Read the full list below:


Modus Vivendi releases a funky, sexy collection of underwear just in time for Christmas. The collection comprises shiny briefs and boxers, extremely elegant loose boxers and sexy jockstraps and tank tops in luminous gold, brilliant silver, metallic grey and red. The campaign is photographed by Dimitris Skoulos. All the items match perfectly the holiday spirit. From stocking fillers and shiny all gold and silver items to a velvet heart design by Willy Karanikolas, creator of one of the ten winning sketches in a competition held by Modus Vivendi for new designers. From perfectly matched white with silver and black with gold items to the elegant Metallic loose boxer designed for all men who prefer button fly fronts and relaxed cut underwear.

Credits for campaign pictures:
Underwear brand: Modus Vivendi (http://www.e-modusvivendi.com)
Photographer: Dimitris Skoulos
Model agency: VNmodels
Models: Gerasimos, Thomas Patrick
Styling: Aris Georgiadis
Make up & Hairdressing: S&G

08411_gold_front_l08411_silver_side_l 08431_white_back_l 08431_black_front_l 08421_silver_front_l 08421_gold_front_l 08414_silver_side_l 08414_red_front_l 08414_gold_side_l 08414_black_back_l 08413_silver_front_l 08413_gold_side_l 08412_silver_side_l 08412_gold_front_l


We had a discussion on the blog this week. Is fetish wear something we should be covering. The discussion centered around is is too wild for straight readers. My thought was there are plenty of guys out there who LOVE fetish wear. I’m not talking leather, chains and such but you know really wild and fun stuff. That includes Gregg Homme, Modus Vivendi and such.

Really what is fetish wear? Like I said above this is not leather and spikes. But rather, sheer, skimpy cuts, thongs, g-strings, different materials. I have some and love wearing them at times. I love the ones that aren’t relegated just to the bedroom. Because there is something being said for wearing a sheer thong or sheepskin jock under your suit. Underwear is the one area we all can really express ourselves and not worry about people judging us in public (of course unless you walk around in your undies).

We started a small focus group of guys from readers of UNB. One of the guys is straight and we had a discussion about how he loves ManStore and fun underwear. This reaffirmed my suspicion that guys who are into undies LOVE fetish and skimpy underwear. The one thing he said was he didn’t care for the lace underwear now popular among some guys.

Our goal here is to bring you awesome underwear. I think fetish wear really fit in to the UNB world. Fetish wear is something we are going to take an active role in bringing you new undies. We want to know which brands are you most interested in seeing? Is there a brand we are missing? Talk to us guys we love interacting with our readers, so email, tweet or Facebook us and let us know!


Modus Vivendi has released the innovative new Twin Line comprising underwear, tank tops, shorts and pants. There are plenty of new concepts and ideas, including black and white briefs and boxers with a special asymmetric cut which allows them to be combined with their “other half” to create a unique pair of underwear. You will also find a restyle of one of the oldest forms of male underwear: the traditional Indian Langot, which Modus Vivendi has redesigned, creating a sexy loincloth of the finest fabric. The twin tank top from this line is another innovation and can be worn in two different ways: as a classic low-necked, deep armhole tank top or with a half turn and both straps flipped around the neck. It’s a versatile gymwear/clubwear design for men who like to be different. The super sexy twin track shorts have attaching front and back panels that meet under the crotch, each with their own separate waistband – a wicked twist on a classic piece of gym wear. The Twin Bermuda is a very different style of pants made from super fine knitted fabric and featuring press stud and vinyl detailing. This original garment is comfortable relaxation wear with a strong style statement. Last but not least, the elegant shirt from this line has a croise front and zip fastening to the side. It’s relaxed, stylish and fiercely individual. Find the Twin Line on the Modus Vivendi Site


Brand: Modus Vivendi (http://www.e-modusvivendi.com)
Photographer: Dimitris Skoulos
Model agency: VNmodels
Models: Antonis Kiskiras, Charles Gabriel, Gerasimos, Kyriakos Aslanoglou, Thomas Patrick
Styling: Aris Georgiadis
Make up & Hairdressing: S&G


It’s time for another edition of out staff picks.  This time we are covering jocks.  Here’s what some of our staff have to say about their favorites.

Shane:  My favorite jockstrap I own is the Modus Vivendi natural jockstrap with faux leather trim and rope straps. The straps are adjustable to change the size and the faux leather looks and feels real. The natural coloring highlights the design while the unfinished seam down the front of the pouch really is eye catching. Overall, it feels great on and looks fantastic.


T. says:  My favorite jock of all time is N2N‘s Classic Cotton Jock.  It is not too flashy, or full of features, but by golly it is the most comfortable jock I have ever worn. I love nothing more than to lounge around the house in this pouch. It is so comfortable, while still being very sexy, with its nicely shaped pouch and classic waistband straps.


Jeff says:  My personal fav is Timoteo‘s Club House Lace Up Soccer Jock.
Why I love it: Though this pair has a unconventional style, it’s executed in a classic, retro style slim. The slim, tight fit is also super sexy.


UNBTim says:  My pick is the Cocksox Jock.  This jock is simply amazing. You take the great pouch Cocksox makes and put it on a jock! It’s super comfy and fits amazing. This jock is perfect for wearing under jeans/cargo shots (which I do often) to wearing under a suit! Granted jocks are made for sports and this jock could easily be used for any sporting activity. Just amazing prob the best jock I have ever worn!


UNBAtlBriefs says:  My favorite jock is the Obviously Chromatic Low Rise Jock.  This jock is amazing!  From the texture of the fabric down to the form fitting pouch, I love everything about this jock.  It lifts and supports while making sure the good are on display.   Almost like wearing nothing at all!

modus vivendi hieratic line - 1

Modus Vivendi has released a powerful new line of underwear, pants, T-shirts and accessories. The new Hieratic line is inspired by imagery from Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages and introduces strong symbols into the fashion trend for this autumn/winter. Using the finest Italian fabrics the whole new line is manufactured in Greece. Caution: the new designs include underwear and accessories not for the faint hearted! Have faith and walk the Hieratic line with Modus Vivendi.

Brand: Modus Vivendi (http://www.e-modusvivendi.com)
Photographer: Dimitris Skoulos
Model agency: VNmodels
Models: Antonis Kiskiras, Charles Gabriel, Gerasimos, Kyriakos Aslanoglou, Thomas Patrick
Styling: Aris Georgiadis
Make up & Hairdressing: S&G

06472_front_l06411_black_side_l 06412_black_side_l

06421_black_side_l 06431_front_l 06441_front_l

06442_back_l 06461_black_back_l 06471_front_l

This is the new behind the scenes video for the latest Modus Vivendi campaign ΔΕΛΕΑΡ. Pronounced Thelear, this is the Greek word to describe something attractive, desirable or enticing, which is offered as an incentive to persuade someone who hesitates (possibly for moral reasons).
The video is an artistic presentation of some of the brand’s soon to be released new designs, many of which are highly innovative and quite extreme and definitely among the most sensual and provocative anywhere in the industry. The video is subtle, but intense! … and offers just a glimpse of what you will see in the next few weeks. Enjoy!

Brand: Modus Vivendi (http://www.e-modusvivendi.com)
Video by: Dimitris Tsatsoulis
Photographer: Dimitris Skoulos
Model agency: VNmodels
Models: Antonis Kiskiras, Charles Gabriel, Gerasimos, Kyriakos Aslanoglou, Thomas Patrick
Styling: Aris Georgiadis
Make up & Hairdressing: S&G

Modus-Vivendi-Discount-OffersModus Vivendi has just updated their “Discount offers” section of their website which now includes more than 130 items at discounted prices. In the discount products section (http://e-modusvivendi.com/gbu0-catshow/mcs_discount_line.html) you will find a great selection of underwear, swimwear, tank tops, t-shirts, gym pants and bermuda pants at prices of up to 60% off the original price.

Modus Vivendi Safari Line_5Are you a fan of animal prints? If so then Modus Vivendi has a new line just for you! It’s called the Safari Line. It lets you walk on the wild side with a leopard print.

What would a Modus Vivendi line be without the unique styling of they put in their undies. They are a company that just loves to have fun and push boundaries of underwear. They aren’t afraid to use a floral print, interesting fabrics and bright colors not associated with men’s underwear.

About the line:

  • Styles – Brief, Jock, Bermuda, tank, long boxer and Shirt
  • Fabric – Viscose 95%, full elastane 5%.
  • Cost:
    • Brief – 24.80 Euros
    • Jock – 28.00 Euros
    • Bermuda – 60.30 Euros
    • Tank – 32.30 Euros
    • Long Boxer – 34.30 Euros
    • Shirt – 87.80 Euros

You can find all these and more on the Modus Videndi site. All pics are below but the Shirt.

03412_safari_side_l03411_safari_l 03431_safari_l 03461_safari_l 03421_safari_l


The name of the campaign is Let’s Get Physical and it is the first part of Modus Vivendi‘s series of campaigns for 2013-2014.
The campaign celebrates the renewed Modus Vivendi Basic Collection. The collection includes underwear you have already seen (like the Eco and TNT briefs, and many more) as well as the all new “Eternal” line. The Eternal line comprises boxers, briefs, jock briefs, jockstraps and tangas in black, blue, green and red.

The concept behind the Basic Collection is to put all the Modus Vivendi basics together: great designs for the gym and for everyday use in the highest quality fabrics. This is underwear that will satisfy your basic needs, offering excellent fit and supreme comfort, and yet add distinction to your style.

Modus Vivendi (www.e-modusvivendi.com)
Photography: P2 photography

thematiki-5 thematiki-9

Modus_Vivendi_pump up the volume

Modus Vivendi has just released a limited edition range called Crossfit Sweatshorts. They are fun, diverse and original. The Crossfit Seatshorts are a sporty take on Modus Vivendi’s best selling Ancient Skirt. High quality, ultra-sheen lightweight sweatpant fabric in six vibrant colours: aqua, red, blue, purple, yellow and lime. Deep pocket and contrasting white stripes, open between the legs. Elastic waistband and press-stud closing legs allow you to wear them in alternate ways – “sarouel” style with the studs closed, or let it loose with the stripes or the pocket at the front, back or side. Fabric: Polyamide 100%.

All the items can be found here:  http://e-modusvivendi.com/gbu0-catshow/mc_Painter.html

01562_aqua_back_l01562_yellow_back_l 01562_red_back_l 01562_purple_back_l

01562_lime_side_l 01562_blue_l 01562_aqua_side_l

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