valentines-staff-picsI asked our guys, what you are planning to wear for Valentine’s Day. We have a mix of single/dating and gay/straight so where are what some of us will be wearing.


Alex – I’ll be wearing my new Andrew Christian punted tighty whitie jock. It’s a new sexy take on an old classic. Just the fun valentines day needs!!


Shane – Being the special day that it is to celebrate love and infatuation, I will be wearing the color of love – RED!  I will be wearing the newest pair of red underwear that I have added to my collection, the Modus Vivendi metallic loose fit boxer.  It is simply wonderful!  I love the stripes being dark and bright red with a slightly metallic sheen.  They fit great and look great.  These are not your dad’s boxers.  They make me feel confident and look great on.  Love them!


T – I’ll be wearing the Gregg Homme Pump Up Thong, just in case I bump into a guy who wants to start a whirlwind romance then and there 🙂 I’ll be wearing good undies, supportive, but still scandalous.


John – Having been in a relationship now for over 8 years, Valentines Day is just another day that I get to spend with the guy that I love. As for my underwear selection… I think I will be in a jock. My partner loves when I wear a jockstrap, so since the day is about showing him how much I love him, that is the way I will go. I have a cute new pair of Andrew Christians that will be just perfect. It is a pair of his dark red Teaser Air Jock. I love these because they are super comfy and light weight with plenty of room so they are great to wear all day, yet sexy and playful so that what ever happens that night is just as exciting.


Tim (ME) – I”ll be traveling so I won’t have any romantic dinners unless you count having one on a Southwest flight 32,000 feet in the air with 200 of my closest friends. I am going to wear my John Seivers California Gold Brief. This is one of the best briefs I have for traveling. Will anyone see it, NOPE just me but I’ll be in Vegas that night so how bad could it be?


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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